This mod is focused on the Cold War and Second Great Galactic War of the TOR era, I will have fairly regular updates and news, and I am always happy to have some help so don't be afraid to ask.

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This lists the units the mod will eventually have for the Sith Empire, Republic, and Mandalorians.

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Here is a basic list of all the space units I hope to have in this mod

Sith Fighter
Sith Interceptor
Sith Bomber
Sith Troop Transport (Corvette)
Gage Frigate
Sith Frigate (Terminus)
Sith Fury
Sith Destroyer (Oppressor)
Sith Battlecruiser (Harrower)
Aurek Fighter
Talon Fighter
Defender Corvette
Republic Gunship
Thranta Frigate
Republic Dreadnought (Valor)

Basilisk Fighter
Scavenged Imperial/Republic Fighter
Davaab Fighter
"Donated" Terminus
Jehavey Frigate
Hutt Cruiser (Minstrel Yacht)
Mando Cruiser 1 (Light)
Mando Cruiser 2 (Heavy)

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