Adds new character/experience levels, as well as rebalances perks and adds new perk ranks. Designed to be only a small gameplay modification.

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PayneSmith says

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Makes the game more fun without changing much. Also makes the game easier though, therefore the 9 rating...


Lord_Hades says

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Let's hope for the best mod to come.


Rylenn says

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I would have put 8 or more if not for the huge loss in terms of difficulty! Indeed, as I wanted to play with some of the "tactical" feeling from the vanilla game, I got quite bored half-way through. Still, this mod is really useful and a lot of fun in the beginning, or if you want to see more of the game without being frustrated, or if you just want to mow your enemies down!

So, it's not for people who want a challenge from beginning to end, and it completely throws off the game's balance in some places (random ether planes are far too crowded). But it will surely make newcomers to Lionheart happy for a first playthrough, and it will help them to get the hang of things.


fredamora says

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It deserves a 10 even just for being the first successful attempt to mod LLotC. I've waited years for this. Hopefully there's still a chance that the game would grow to have an active modding community much like its cousin D&D games (esp Baldur's Gate 2). Please more of this.


SwiftyMagee says

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