Robot Storm completely recreates the game Yuri's Revenge. The existing three sides have been dispensed with, and four new sides have been thrown up in their place to dispense a new era of carnage. All four new sides have their own individual fighting style. NEXUS relies on its mechanical monstrosities, vulnerable to none of the ailments that humanity's finest succumb to (radiation, poisoning, wounds). The fanatical Freedom League are the guerrilla side, relying on hit-and-run, ambushing and suicide bombers. The Allied Legion sends forth its mighty surge of firepower, obliterating enemies in a dazzling lightshow of power. Osiris' Collective brings forth its heavy hitters to crush their enemies with overwhelming firepower.

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Robot Storm 1.99 Beta version

Robot Storm 1.99 Beta version

5 years ago Full Version 9 comments

Version 1.99 of the mod released around 2006 and features the original 3 sides Allied Legion, Freedom League, Nexus before the vast overhaul for 2.0 version...

Robot Storm version 1.98 Beta

10 years ago Full Version 11 comments

This is the most recent public beta of Robot Storm. The final version is imminent. To play this mod, you require a clean install of Red alert 2 and...

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