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The Fate of RETSP. Many of you are wondering what exactly has been going on over at our site and I'm here today to explain in depth what happened and what is happening. If you don't care, please don't read. It'll save everyone a whole lot of time. Basically, I decided it would be

Posted by Chaossaber314 on May 12th, 2005

The Fate of RETSP.

Many of you are wondering what exactly has been going on over at our site and I'm here today to explain in depth what happened and what is happening. If you don't care, please don't read. It'll save everyone a whole lot of time.

Basically, I decided it would be interesting to see what actually had happened to the RPD before RE2 took place. Many others agreed and this spawned a 12 person forum RPG which I led to it's completion around the time of March of 2003. I was discussing the outcome of the RPG with a guy with the screen-name "Seth Walker." He said that he thought it would make a cool Half-Life mod and I began running around to set up a theoretical team in case I decided to go through with it. I hadn't modded for HL before but I had in the past for games like Marathon, Doom, and Quake back when I was in middle school. There turned out to be a great interest in the premise and the outline I came up with. By the end of March we had a Proboards forum set up and a temporary site on Freewebs.com. Our boards then transferred over to Freeinvision by the end of April. Sometime over the summer, we decided to move over to HLGaming. HLGaming was by far the best. Sometime during the summer I acquired IPB 2.0 and set up our new boards.

I was running everything rather the traditional way of giving out an assignment in the way of something that needed to be done. No real due date or anything. This worked really well for a time. Then people got complacent and quit doing work with the excuse that they just weren't motivated. I couldn't understand this as I'm one that doesn't blow people off and takes my commitments seriously. That said when your dealing with people who are all late teens or earlier, this just isn't the case (generally).

My first mistake was hiring people I considered friends from the RETE days when we hid in the forums keeping people real to what was really going on. We were probably all banned and one point or another and found ourselves at a backup board led by a guy with the Screen-name "Sniper-Dave". I drew on people I had become "friends" with at these boards in selecting members.

Unfortunately, anyone that's ever worked in a job over friends as the boss knows that you either don't stay friends long or you start giving them leeway. I was the latter. Particularly with my mappers.

"Termin8tor" didn't sign up to be the lead mapper but he ended up in this position as the projects he was on died all around him. Unfortunately, he barely got anything done and I let this slide repeatedly. To give you an example, after all this time (13 months to be exact) he has 2 maps that are playable. I'm not even going to say they're completed because they're not. Anyone can see the shoddy architecture in the RE_Suburbia that was released with Alpha 1.1. And his other map was the RPD, but that wasn't even releaseable. It stemmed from two problems. The rooms were all boxy as hell and the geography wasn't even correct for the Police Station from Resident Evil 2. Now, I don't want to make this jabs at Termin8tor's work because I blame myself for this more than anything for not having higher standards and enforcing punishments for his long hiatuses from mapping that he took bimonthly.

Eventually I thought it would be nice to have a co-leader that I could shoot idea's off of and what not more directly than just random team members. We held an election in team chat and Termin8tor won. It wasn't surprising. Myself and Termin8tor had become pretty good buds and he was pretty much at this unofficial status anyway.

Well, I mentioned the lull in work earlier with the excuse of a lack of motivation. Quite a bit of arguing went on during this time but nothing terribly severe. Eventually, I decided that I had enough of the bullshit and just decided on a strict system of Potential and Active assignments. This would have strict due dates and punishment for not completing these due dates BUT the due dates would be decided by the worker. No point in assigning something that they knew up front they couldn't complete. The premise was strict, but again, I found myself being lenient with my punishments (or lack there of).

My second mistake was not enforcing the punishments. However, when people had conflicts that came up I was very willing to work around their schedule and set up extensions and the like. I mean, my most recent coder, "Rayne", got a 3 week extension on a 2 week assignment. This wasn't exactly uncommon either. Basically I was cool if someone knew they weren't going to make a due date as long as I was informed before hand so that we could come up with an alternative schedule. I came down hard on those that just missed the assignments without a mention.

Some point around here Termin8tor purchased some webspace based around the team name I had suggested and put forward for a team vote. He was really pushing for us to move the project over to this private space despite my wishes of not wanting to constrain him financially. He claimed it wouldn't and eventually I folded. RETSP moved over to the Termin8tor's private space.

Around mid march we were informed of the leak of more than half of our map-object files into the Brain-Bread forums. I'm not going to go into this in depth since I have in the past, but I will sum it up. A former member by the name of "Temp" felt that the project wasn't going to continue after the lull in work I spoke about earlier. We decided that in order to salvage our originality would either have to scrap the entire leaked work and redo them, or come up with a quick release based around what we were working toward for the next internal alpha. I built an outline based around what we had and what we could complete in a two week period. Two weeks later we released Public Alpha 1.1 to mixed review. I really didn't care about the reviews but was just content that we had released the leaked files on our own terms so that the actions of the one didn't fuck over everyone that had worked hard toward the release.

The first point I realized there was a problem with Termin8tor was the night before the release when he EXPLODED at me in MSN. It was obvious this was routed in something deeper but instead he focused on how I had apparently hurt our Graphic Artist's feelings by not really paying enough attention to him or something.

I encountered "Temp" once more in the ReHorror forums where he was attesting his innocence and began to lay out the evidence against him. He had quite a few friends here so while it was making people think, it wasn't really changing any minds. The point was that he was being confronted with the inescapable facts and there would be no question as to the team's credibility. A forum regular from my own forums popped in and said something to the effect of "No one gives a shit. Your more of a joke than anything." The forum regular named "Bloodcider" had known me and I him since the early days back in the RETE forums. Like my team members I let the rules slide for many of the things the old regulars did. "Bloodcider" picked several fights with new guys and all in all didn't know when to let things go. I hit the roof when I found him over at ReHorror interfering in something he didn't have any business doing so. I suspended him for 2 weeks. I had just had had it.

Anyways, I caught a lot of flack over this. Even more so when I found him registering with the same IP address as different people and banned him pending the ending of the 2 weeks. This became semi permanent when he started spewing from the mouth about me in places I frequented.

Things continued and I hired a new object modeller by the name of Enix. Enix was a fantastic modeller and did at least 10 really cool models while he was working for me. Problem being, I think maybe one of them had been requested. I would give him assignments and he'd agree only to come to me saying he was bored. I was asked why he was bored since he had an assignment due shortly and hadn't seen any WIP shots. It was really a matter of time until he was kicked from the team. Termin8tor took it upon himself to ban Enix when he refused to do something for him. I found it odd that Termin8tor was ordering him to do anything since he hadn't ever assigned anything in his entire term as the Co-Leader. Anyways, this wasn't amicable and Enix would go on to spam the boards a bit including one "Civilian Soldier" 's Dev Journal.

At the end of this I was having some problems in real life and was considering leaving the team. I wasn't in a good place and the crap I was getting from team members was really taking the cake, particularly over Bloodcider's banning. I put it to a vote if I should stay and I think I won 9 or something to 3. Enix was one of those. And another member by the name of Lt. Kelly claimed he had messed up his vote for the negative. I got an overwhelming response of people wanting me to stay. So I did.

In the last 2 or 3 weeks things have really picked up in my life so I've been unable to devote as much time to the project. However, I told everyone to basically take it easy until Monday of next week when I'd be home for the start of my summer break from College.

In the background Seth Walker, Termin8tor, and a guy by the name of "NCB" were planning on driving cross country across the states to see different forum members. Termin8tor and NCB would be flying in from Britain to do this. I jerked them around on this when they wanted to visit me cause quite frankly I may work on the internet, but I don't really consider it a source of social acceptance. I keep the internet separate from my real life. No offense to anyone else here, but I find people that use the internet as their sole focal point of social aspiration pretty pathetic.

Anyway, about a week and a half ago I patched things up with Bloodcider and came to terms allowing him back into the forums. I then went to Enix who really was a fantastic modeller and set something up where he could do freelance work at his leisure so that we could still utilize his talents but not expect him to complete anything specific in a period of time.

Well, In the last week Termin8tor became extremely snippy with me. The forums were on the fritz causing Mozilla to crash if we tried to view the banned category and then allowing some people who were banned to be considered banned but to still post. It turned out that the secondary permission masks had been changed to members so that they could still post. This was odd since neither one of us had touched the permission masks in months and had banned people who had stayed that way for a long time. However, Termin8tor decided it must have been my fault and refused to let it go.

The website went on the fritz where you couldn't click on the about, staff, or downloads sections and somehow this turned into an argument about the thing he had refused to drop not even a few days earlier.

So a few days ago I had posted something to further conflict with any personal interaction with me in the form of their trip. Termin8tor and I had been in the works to set up a server business where I would be paid to run a tech support thing for the time zones of the US. Well, he blew all of the funds for this on this stupid trip, so I posted saying that I didn't know if I would be working since I had to go get a job in order to pay for a new computer (since my college network corrupted my brand new one). NCB posted "You'll actually have to take responsibility for something for once in your life." To which I responded, "What in the fuck is that suppose to mean?" It took him several days to respond but when he did I believe he was drunk. What he was posting was barely legible but it was something about having sex with my mom, so I deleted it and didn't even give him the time of day. He proceeded to post twice more to which I deleted and warned him. He responded a forth time telling me to go fuck myself. To which I suspended him for a week.

Termin8tor totally lost his mind and banned me. That's right. He banned me from my own boards yelling "STOP BANNING PEOPLE!!!!" This was absurd. First of all, he wasn't banned. He was suspended, and second of all, do any of you know of an active administrator that would allow someone to spam post 3 times and then tell the admin to go fuck themselves?

So finally I talked Termin8tor down and got my adminship restored, but now I was worried. He was obviously no longer stable and was in control of the FTP in which our entire work and website was housed. Now, my college connection is abysmal at best so I began looking through my buddy list to give someone access so they could grab the most important data incase he did something to it.

Well, several people informed Termin8tor of my plans to get the project minimal safe distance from this insanity and he proceeded to reban me and delete the FTP while of course taking a copy for his harddrive.

The next couple of days have consisted of the forums being used as a place to bash me as being "Laine"(I'll go into this in a moment) and how the project is being shut down because of me. I still don't understand the logic behind this seeing as I was still planning on finishing the project.

Now that it was obvious that Termin8tor had seized control of my project it was quite obvious that there was no real way for me to get it back. This was when many of the members showed their true colors. Civilian Soldier who had not even a day previous been saying that I was well within my rights to suspend NCB was now saying how I killed the project and some other bullshit. Suddenly, he was Termin8tor's best friend.

Incy247, who was fired from the team about 2 months ago and officially resigned when I ran into him in MSN, was now back and with a copy of the FTP.

Lt. Kelly showed back up as well who had been active for at least a month living life to it's fullest I imagine. He showed up to tell me how I was killing the project.

Now, I'll address the Laine comment. Laine or Galadriel was the team leader of the doomed project RETE.

The features of "Laine" are as follows:
-Leads a forum pushing the idea of updates when nothing is going on in the background.
-The proverbial update is on it's way followed by Update: Update on it's way. Update: Update: Update on it's way, ect ect.
-Banning those who bring the previous to light.
-Pretending to be a woman only to be disproven by someone with a lot of freetime to research this person's background thoroughly.

Now this all was meant to center around the banning comment, however this was slander at best. The last people I had banned were Bloodcider and Enix. Both of which had since been unbanned so this idea didn't fly. Also, I'll reiterate that NCB was not banned but merely, suspended. I'll get to what was really going on as soon as I finish addressing what is being claimed.

They also can't say that work was not going on in the background because our coder Rayne had just finished code for testing relating to a new Civilian entity that the police of the mod would be required to protect (thus the Serve and PROTECT). Also, our other coder Morrath was nearing completion of our new inventory code which our graphic artist Indiana had designed a month ago.

So with the "Laine" comments put to rest, they're still spewing from the mouth and claiming I'm responsible for the demise of the project. This leads to the logical question of "If Chaossaber was the problem with the project, why can't you finish it without him now that you've banned him from his own boards?" I'll address this in a minute as well.

A funny thing happened a couple of nights ago. My buddy was hanging out on my computer since his parents had come down to get all of his shit to take back so he didn't have much to bring home from college. So he was hanging out in my room on my computer while I was playing some PS2 and I was telling him about what had happened. I told him it'd be funny if someone registered some usernames like people had done over at RETE with really derogatory things said in these usernames. Well, he did it. Immature? Yes. Funny? Yes. Of course this was used as further ammunition against me but what do I have to lose now?

Well, now it seems that they're going to start work on another project. Well a few months ago we began discussing what we would do after RETSP. Termin8tor bought the Torque engine and seemed like we were going to do an MMORPG based around a story I had written for it. This was well into the future since we hadn't even begun work on the SP part of the project since that was suppose to come after we got a beta released which we hadn't. Now they seem to be starting this project...

So. Why did this happen?

Termin8tor decided he wanted to start this new project "Aberrant Haven". He knew that I'd never go for it as long as we were still working on RETSP. He saw his friend NCB get suspended and was mad anyway and decided to use this as his opportunity to use it as an excuse to ban me from my own forums. I can guarantee 100% that this would never have happened if I hadn't suspended a member who was going on an international trip with this guy. Those that didn't quit on the spot who realized the project they signed up for was no more, put their head so far up Termin8tor's ass they could lick the back of his teeth. The forums are really bad at this point.

Those that actually remember Laine are calling bullshit on the claims. Hell, they're literally attacking people who suggest that there's more to it than Chaos= The Devil.

For instance Civilian Soldier started flaming a member named Batabusa who suggested "That surely it isn't 100% his fault". They flamed him until he started calling me Laine as well to fit in when he wasn't even a member of the RETE forums to know what it means.

Summed up, take our ideals and beliefs or else you're ostracized from the community. Now this is the RETE I remember.

What happens now?

Well, I've kept them on their toes for a while thinking I'm going to start the project back up and what not. I actually could if I wanted to since they're saying they're going to open source the content. However more than 90% of them don't understand that Open Source doesn't mean open to everyone WE want to use it.

Though this isn't my intention. It's merely been to distract them while I set up a new email and accounts for school and my real life friends. RETSP is gone now, but it certainly wasn't my fault. Though make up your own mind. Thanks for taking time to read all of this.

And if you want to use our work and finish what we started go for it.

Just remember the names mentioned within and keep in mind to avoid them because trust and loyalty aren't exactly qualities they have a surplus on.


As an update I'd like to say that RETSP will be starting up again under new management shortly. Things are turning up it seems. There's very little I can do to stop the old team, but I'm not too worried. They can make their unofficial project if they feel so inclined.

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Guest May 13 2005, 12:54pm says:

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Termin8tor May 13 2005, 1:08pm says:

I'm not here to stir up any trouble or to slate you chaos, I'm above that now, but I beleive it is against modDB's rules to dedicate an entire section to a "mod", yet there about page is just a giant slag fest against me.

+2 votes     reply to comment
GrotK May 13 2005, 2:21pm says:

Nice job on making yourself the suffering victim, Chris.

+2 votes     reply to comment
GrotK May 13 2005, 2:23pm says:

By the way, in case Chris deletes it, here's Seth's addition:

Now its my turn. I'm that "Seth Walker" the friend who stood by your side DESPITE the bashings you were recieving.

Why do you bring us all down? This is the SAME EXACT tactic you used against Laine. You're doing it TO YOUR OWN MOD.

Fisrt off with you comment on not understanding why teens aren't motivated:

Who says teens can't be unmotivated? I've been unmotivated alot. Proof in my story that I've been writing for 4 YEARS. How far am I? Like 20+ pages into it. Last time I check I started that when I was 14.

And now to stop this I'm going to play Chaos. I already know your response would be laong the lines of "Well thats BS seeing as I was never unmotivated."

Dude get a grip. Who talked to you when you needed to rant about your Highschool life? Do you even remember what happened the second to last time we talked?

We were talking like civilized people when all of a sudden you called me a ******* moron and blocked me for like an hour. Then you came back on and apologized. Was I mad at you? No. I wanted to talk to you as a friend despite the fact all the **** was going on.

You know how much it hurts to see this man? I thought highly of you despite the ********.

Please do me this. Take a look at these names. Replace them with Myrstirate, Matthews (not starting beef matthews great guy) and Laine. Dude you're blaming Sniper Dave. He had like 40 posts on your forum! He was hardly around! Please tell me you don't mean this man. I followed you for over a ******* year and now I'm just "Some guy named Seth Walker?"

I know you'll delete this. I know you'll say I'm trying to take over this profile. Chaos you always do that. It pains me to see such a smart guy like you in this state. I'm not pitying you though. Nothing like that. I just can't believe someone like can be so mean.

Who had your back when FRawnswa tried to steal our models? Who spent HOURS of his free time helping to set up the case during our model theft. Who threw out pointers and was there when you just wanted to talk about the mod?

It hurts to see this Chaos. I didn't want it to happen. I want you to look into yourself. I've NEVER seen you admit to a mistake. Were you raised like this? Chaos people don't do this to friends. I tohught you would know that.

~Seth Walker "Friend"

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Guest May 13 2005, 2:24pm says:

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Chaossaber314 May 13 2005, 4:59pm says:

Unless you lot have any. I'd suggest you stop spamming information that actually states such about the mod.

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Guest May 13 2005, 5:17pm says:

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Chaossaber314 May 13 2005, 5:58pm says:

True colors? Like getting work done? Perhaps this "guest" should grow a pair and post with his real name.

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GrotK May 13 2005, 8:59pm says:

Chaos, are you blind? This seemingly-anonymous (at least to you) posted his name on his first comment. I don't think I need to copy and paste it here. You're not that dumb.

+1 vote     reply to comment
ForK May 13 2005, 9:29pm says:

Can you guys take this out of moddb thanks.

+2 votes     reply to comment
Guest May 14 2005, 6:53am says:

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Guest May 14 2005, 9:47am says:

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Guest May 14 2005, 1:20pm says:

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Chaossaber314 May 14 2005, 7:33pm says:

Grotk this isn't Civilian Soldier. We sorted everything out in MSN yesterday.

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CiviliaN-SoldieR May 14 2005, 8:51pm says:

Two posts are mine, before we spoke.

and wow, find my account, was signed up since since 2003.

+1 vote     reply to comment
Chaossaber314 May 14 2005, 10:23pm says:

Guess I didn't see the page 2 before today.

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Guest May 15 2005, 2:49pm says:

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Chaossaber314 May 15 2005, 7:20pm says:

Stab who in the back exactly? I was under the impression that my project was illegally siezed from ME. Not vice versa.

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Guest May 20 2005, 9:49am says:

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Chaossaber314 May 22 2005, 1:19am says:

First of all, the project is mine to take where I wish.

Second of all, Termin8tor banned me preventing me from establishing anyone's wishes.

Third, the site, the forums, my tracks, the concept, the 40 page part 1 script, the outlines, everything from past members who left, was indeed mine. The comments that came about later were in response to those on the team who decided to illegally withhold this data from me.

It's extremely difficult to try and pursue legal actions against someone when you're engaging in illegal actions in relation to the event yourself. You can't exactly go to police and try and get someone arrested because they stole your crack.

It was all I had left at that point. However, virtually all of the work and ownership has been granted to me at this point and will be continueing elsewhere. Thanks for knowing what you were talking about.

0 votes     reply to comment
Chaossaber314 May 22 2005, 1:20am says:

Hell, Termin8tor and I have made peace and now talk regularly in MSN. Perhaps you should stop trying to fight a battle that doesn't exist?

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Guest May 23 2005, 3:09pm says:

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Chaossaber314 May 24 2005, 11:57am says:

I'm glad for your imput on a map with about 3 days of work put into it with 3 pictures from about the second day. It's a work in progress and was better than anything you ever did, Redfox... err... You didn't do anything... So I guess your in no position to talk.

Before ProjectWesker left to focus on school he had completed, two new zombie models, a william birkin model, and a cerberus. Now that he's back he's completed a new rpd character model, an almost completed new bereta, and a new nailgun. That was in around 2 days.

I refer you back to my last comment. Thanks for knowing what you were talking about.

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Guest Jul 1 2005, 2:41pm says:

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Chaossaber314 Jul 23 2005, 8:19pm says:

And you're a complete idiot who doesn't know anything about modding. I defy you to do better.

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goodman35 May 28 2006, 12:43pm says:

Hello, i am just wondering when i got the rpd map finally working it had no zombies in it and well this has to be one of the greatest mapping idies since RECO in sven coop. I was wondering if there is any tool I could use to try completing this map. The maps concept was trul genious.

Frustrated Resident evil fan

+1 vote     reply to comment
battle19945 Dec 8 2013, 1:33pm says:

i dont know what to believe here, lol dat fight.

another mod ended bad and this one was **** hitting the fan.

+1 vote     reply to comment
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