FPS MOD FOR RED FACTION ARMAGEDDON Installation: backup table.vpp_pc and misc.vpp_pc to be able to uninstall mod. place BUILD folder into your game folder and overwrite. all done. Uninstall: restore original table.vpp_pc and misc.vpp_pc. Features FOV is 80 for all views. 1st person is only when on foot. Theres some clipping sometimes and unfortunately it was too hard to make weapons constantly visible without bugs, but nothing too big. Theres no weapon visible when zooming. All vehicles are 3rd, but ive centered camera directly behind them and slightly above. tested on 1.01 do whatever u want with it, just give me credit. enjoy made by SlaveOfSelf thnx to UberMonkey for spreading info how to unpack and change fov.

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wow, and I was only looking for a FOV mod, this brings back happy memories of Red Faction 1, running through the mines blowing stuff up and having a blast. Excellent mod, but as you say there is a few small glitches like arms with gaps, but apart from that it's great, and the FOV fix is a bonus.


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