Reclamation is an episodic Company of Heroes modification set in the distant future where the remaining traces of humanity have split into different factions and are vying for control of the former Terran Empire. The Mars colony, believing themselves to be the true inheritors of Earth's mantle have set about reclaiming the Terran Empires colonies under one banner, a Martian banner. The Janusians, from the planet Janus, have formed a rag-tag resistance against their Martian rulers. After a string of defeats it seems there is no hope for the Janusian Resistance. A Mercenary army, sponsored by the planet Fortuna which has no military force of their own have assessed Janus as a resource-rich environment to increase their profits. The game focuses around the conflict taking place on Janus and how each force struggles to keep its grip on the planet.

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On hold - Till the mod tools. We haven't forgotten

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Due to the extended wait for any kind of official mod tools for Company of Heroes, we deem it quite fruitless to continue development while we cannot...

Lord Leopold de Haffron

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**edited by DevilsOverlord** Leopold is the Martian General during both the Martians campaign AND the resistances campaign, he is a major character :D...

Engine change

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After much deliberation and Kamon becoming extremely impressed with Company of Heroes, we have come to the decision that the features of the CoH engine...

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