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Realism Warfare is a mod based on a re-created scripting system by Bowey (a.k.a. King Lionheart). It is meant to create a realistic combat experience. The mod wil support a range of: New Classes, New Weapons, New Attachments, New Models, New Gametypes, New Maps.

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These are all the expected versions of Realism Warfare for Call of Duty 4.

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Version 0.1

  • New Class System
  • Different Classes
    • Marines
      • Rifleman
        • M16A4
        • M4 Carbine
          • Red-Dot Sight
          • ACOG Scope
      • Medic
        • MP5
        • Mini-Uzi
      • Automatic Rifleman
        • M249 SAW
      • Engineer
        • M16A4
        • M4 Carbine
          • Shotgun
      • Grenadier
        • M16A4
        • M4 Carbine
          • Grenade Launcher
          • Smoke Launcher
      • Marksman
        • G3
        • M14
          • Scope
      • Sniper
        • M40A3
    • Terrorists
      • Terrorist Specialist
        • AK-74u
        • Skorpion
      • Terrorist
        • Ak-47
      • Support
        • RPD
      • Sapper
        • Gewehr 43
      • Sniper
        • Dragunov

Version 0.2

  • New Weapons
    • Satchel Charge
    • Molotov Cocktail
    • Flare
    • Bouncing Betty
  • New/Improved Attachments
    • Bayonet
  • New Gametype(s)
  • New Map(s)
  • New Team System
    • Use Sub-Teams ( Marines, OpFor ) instead of Teams ( Axis, Allies )
    • Add Sub-Teams
      • Terrorists
      • China
    • New Models
      • Terrorists
      • China
      • Gametype Icons

Version 0.3

  • Take Hostage System
  • New Weapons
    • Shield
    • Chinese Weapons
  • Improve Kits
    • Medic
      • First-Aid Kit
      • Epipen
    • Automatic Rifleman
      • Deployable M249 SAW
      • Ammo Pack
    • Engineer
      • Wrench
      • Mine
      • Trap Grenade

Version 0.4

  • Add Drivable Vehicles
    • Tank
    • APC
    • Humvee
    • Black Hawk
    • Chinook
    • Car
    • Pick-Up Truck

quick question, how will the helicopters be controled ?

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Wodann Author

I have no clue yet. It will be like Dobby's Flyer Mod. ;)

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is an epipen an auto injector, so you can heal people in last stand like in cod waw.

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Wodann Author

Yes, it is kind of the same.

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