The purpose of this package is to make TES IV: Oblivion look even better than when you bought it. To do this I've created new textures, normal maps, specular and parallax maps to replace a large number of those in the game with ones which are higher resolution and more photo realistic, while at the same time still very close to the original feel of Bethesda's intentions. Replacement meshes are also included to use parallax mapping. However, due to the increased resolution, machines with lower-end graphics cards may see severe slow-down with this mod. Features: * Most textures are 4 times the size of the originals. Some, even more. This makes things seem much clearer and sharper in-game. * A large number of meshes have been altered to take advantage of the game engine's parallax shader. * Only parts of the mesh which NEED parallaxing have the parallax flag enabled. This removes unwanted artifacts parallaxing can cause around corners. * Textures which use the parallax shader...

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Simply great stuff.

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Jan 13th, 2013

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