It's Postal 2 - for Oblivion. Another reason to dust off your dvd and get cracking with new weapons, new quests, and a new race - The Dude. Oh and maybe some aliens. And dominatrixes. But no dominatrix aliens. That's a bit much. Including the shovel and The Dude's beloved sidekick: Champ the pit bull, "Postal 2: Oblivion" is a delightful romp through Oblivion's graphic gravy of luscious countryside where the player can meet many races and civilizations .... then go postal on them.

In which you receive a progress report...On the docket: Voice acting, load screens, keeping the shades, and the installer is on hold.

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Well we've set aside creating the installer in favor of ironing out a few bugs (like I accidentally removed ALL The Dude's clothes and when I put them back on, his shades would not return), and to add a few more ... weird things.
The shotgun video in the media area is a bit long due to the speech at the beginning, but worth checking out. Feel free to skip the first 2 minutes if you get bored.
We're also endeavoring to replace the voices or at least adding extra voices.

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Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion
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