This mod adds new weapons and gadgets to the game of Raven Shield and its mission packs, Athena Sword and Iron Wrath. While this mod doesn't change the story line, yet, it will add new excitement to the original missions by adding new equipment, which will make the missions more fun then just using the standard stock equipment. On the Multiplayer side it will also open a window for a lot of people to choose different guns because it will let them customize their favorite gun with multi-gadgets. The mod is under heavy re-development and resurrection, there will be some great updates on this profile. Stay tuned for more!

Brief Update as of Sept 15, 2009

Brief Update as of Sept 15, 2009

6 years ago News 2 comments

Update Sept 15, 2009: Private beta testing, new features

Development is going Great

Development is going Great

7 years ago News 0 comments

New Day, New Forum... Why does Modbd ask for so much information just to update this very old mod page? :(

I'm Back... Kinda

I'm Back... Kinda

7 years ago News 2 comments

Mod Update... ok what is up with all of these new requirements to post a new message? gah?!?!?!?!

Ordnance Project final release close

8 years ago News 0 comments

In a few weeks we will release the final version of our mod "Ordnance Project". This release will bring 7 new assault rifles, 4 new smg's...

Ordnance Project: First puplic alpha release

9 years ago News 0 comments

27.12.05 Today the first puplic version of the Ordnance Project has been released. Feature list: -=-Weapons-=- #grenades: AN-M14 TH3 incendiary hand grenade...

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