WHAT IS ONSLAUGHT v4.1.9? Onslaught is an unofficial modification for the game Homeworld:Cataclysm. It is a tribute to the Homeworld series using almost all of the un-flown ships in Homeworld and Homeworld:Cataclysm. These include the Kadesh (inc MS), the HW Ghostship, the JunkYardDawg, most of the HW Derelicts, the Nomad Moon and more besides. Onslaught unites these ships and creates an entirely new game. The Beast in HWC provides an excellent excuse for this bizarre mix of ship types! WHAT'S NEW IN ONSLAUGHT v4.1.9? Version 4.1.9 replaces the short-lived v4.1.8, which had a signifiant bug. This new version has been fixed. Don't be fooled by the version number; this is a major release, and is the final version. Several ships have been re-textured, a number of bugs have been fixed, the hints section has been improved, new maps have been added and the game play has been overhauled in response to the comments of experienced Cataclysm fans. Visually the most noticeable changes are...

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