ModernHOT is a total conversion for Call of Duty 4: modern Warfare which completly turns the game into a SuperHOT-alike FPS shooter.

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A small overview on the progress of making Call of Duty 4 look more HOT.

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Good evening!

Another day - another update!

We all know that one does not simply make it SUPERHOT without having some HOT visuals and the same applies to MODERNHOT. While BraXi has been working on the game mechanics and level design, I've been busy making some 3D models for use in the mod. The models itself were quite easy to make, but there was some trickery involved with making them look right in game.

It didn't come off as a big surprise that CoD4 doesn't like hard edge normals. Meshes with hard edge normals end up having soft edge normals when exported to the game from Maya. In order for the models to have that chiseled look of SUPERHOT, the normals had to be baked into a texture. And oh boy did those low poly models generate some nasty artifacts into the baked normals. Luckily this was fixed with some small tweaks to the UV mapping. Actually, it appears that while I was testing whether hard edges are preserved by the xmodel exporter, instead of exporting two versions of the model, I exported the one with smooth shading twice... rookie mistake ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

The next problem was creating materials that give the models the correct look. It was quite a pain in the ass to get those red enemies have that nice orange glow without making the whole model look like a carrot. Through trial and error I finally managed to find the right values to use and you can see the results below:

I don't think the CoD4 engine can do any better without writing some custom HLSL shaders.

The next step was creating the view model for the player's hands. A simple copy paste from the character model would not work due to having too little polygons in the hands and fingers. So after remodeling the hands, this was the result:

Knife will obviously not appear as-is when the mod is released...

After coding mechanics, AI and gameplay elements, BraXi has taken the steps to work on weapons available to use in game. So far Colt .45 ACP (aka M1911) and AK-47 rifle are implemented to the mod. They have diferent accuracy, recoil, bullet spread and bullet velocity meaning that AK round would be faster than .45 ACP. Ultimately we also wanted to implement shotguns, but CoD4 engine would not let us do them the proper way.

All weapons we use are of "projectile" type, meaning the game thinks they're rocket launchers. This is because CoD4 and the engine it's based on (IdTech3) would otherwise model the bullets as lasers with infinite speed. To implement a shotgun we would have to cheat a little and spawn some additional projectiles of our own. We'll see what we can do though, because let's face it - who wouldn't like to blow enemies into tiny crystalline shards with a shotgun that packs a punch?


Fancy bullet trail effect. You better evade those bullets!

And here's a small bonus for you: a short clip of actual gameplay! We think the time mechanics are almost identical to those of SUPERHOT and BraXi has done amazing job on implementing the principal of "time moves as you move", stretching the Call of Duty 4 engine to its limits. But enough with all the talking, take a look at how it all comes together in the video below, but keep in mind that what you see is an early development version of the mod.

That's all for today, see you next time!

- Bear


You guys are going to make me look for my old physical copy of COD4 again, this looks fantastic. If I had to provide any crit, the enemy model's head is a bit too oval-shaped for my taste and I hope you apply the fp hand shading style to the guns. I would use SUPERHOT's model as a reference for the head as it flattens the face and changes the proportions a bit. Also since you are baking the hard-edges via normal maps, I must inquire, does CoD's version of idtech force smooth shading on models. When I was planning on making a game for the contest in UE4 rather than DOOM I just had the model's smoothing groups set to flat-shading. If you had the model shading set to flat and exported from Maya to COD, it might've just threw the smoothing group shading from flat to smooth. In that case, I would make multiple smoothing groups so that it still shows up with hard edges in smoothed shading. If you send me a dm, I can try to see if I could get it to work.

BUT TO GET TO THE POINT: I like it, keep up the good work.

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pc_bear Author

You're right about the character model's head and I'm going to fix it. As for the guns, they will be remodeled to have that low poly crystalline look of SUPERHOT. The black material also needs some tweaking.

The only way to have hard edges in CoD4 is to duplicate the border vertices of each face that is to be flat shaded. As in, for a cylinder model to have a hard edge between the body and the caps the caps would need to be extracted from the body into separate objects. While this may yield better results than using a normal map, it's not really an option since every enemy character would then have 6000 vertices...

Thank you for the feedback!

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pc_bear Author

Actually, the xmodel exporter plugin for Maya can do the vertex duplication of each face automatically and I had just exported the wrong mesh while testing...

And surprisingly CoD4 asset converter didn't complain about the 6000 skinned vertices per model so everything seems to fine.

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bear+braxi i love u guys

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Mod looks awesome. About the shotguns, what specifically seems to be the issue? Just curious because I think they're a blast to use as projectile weapons (I.e. they're actually usable lol). Have y'all by chance taken a look at this mod?

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BraXi Creator

Shotguns use "spread" fire mode which instantly fires a few hit-scan lasers with infinite speed, when using a projectile weapon it spawns just one projectile that can become a bullet. It is possible to do "projectile shotgun" by setting its fire time very little or to spawn additional projectiles via code.

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