The most dynamic, realistic & accurate simulation of the Emergency Services of NYC. A modification for the game Emergency 4/911 First Responders. NOTE: EACH VERSION IS STANDALONE (e.g. Version 1 not required for version 2 etc)

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Good Game :)
I alway play it.
Its one of my favorite emergency mods.
Be happy of the next version.

The Brooklyn/Manhattan Modification are the best mod i have played, they look awesome, i love the trucks and the cars. The team had made this is awesome they have spent a lot of time making these mods. I cannot find anything wrong with the mods. I can't wait for thr version to come out.

I started playing the Emergency series over 11 years ago in 2005 with EM3 and its because of mods like the Manhattan and Brooklyn mod that I am still actively playing the game today! They continue to push the limits of the game with creative and differentiating scripts and have truly created a unique New York feel. From the sounds of the doors rolling up, the chauffeur pumping in shorts, to the sound of the Lt rolling the manual siren as you fly down the street, its amazing. Keep up the great work and I'll keep on playing EM4 for many more years to come. It doesn't matter that 2 new Emergency series games have been released since EM4, I keep playing EM4 for this great mod.


Absolutely my favorite Mod, it is so much fun to play. I love it. Can't wait for version 2!

Play with friends of my clan to Brooklyn mod, since it was released in 2014, almost every day. We find it really nice because it has a very detailed map, a lot of scripts to increase the realism (like the ability to search for victims in the burning buildings, the spineboard ...), realistic vehicles, sounds, characters, equipments and firehouses.... In conclusion it's a mod really well done, with some minor bugs, but a lot of fun. I give him 10/10 for all the hours of fun that he passed to me and my friends and for the fantastic results that got the team that created this mod. Sorry if there is some error, but I do not know English very well. Now excuse me but two my friends are waiting for me to play just this mod! :D

i love this mod so much because it has so much realism and i just love the Fdny so every time i see a engine ladder or rescue i just love it and the sirens are so real plus when the tower ladders or ladders are going into operation it looks so amazing. so whenever V2 comes out i will be ready to play it. I always play it
and the computer with the bells on it for the engine, ladder, battalion, special unit it is just amazing so keep up the good work guys

The Brooklyn Modification:

This is simply the best modification for Emergency 4/911: First Responders. People who like the standard game will love this modification! The map looks awesome, the graphics are outstanding (just like FDNY Rescue 1) and the gameplay never gets boring. There are always new things to discover, you'll always find new details you missed before. This mod is perfect for people that love NYC, the FDNY, the NYPD or the EMS. You really can feel with how much enthusiasm and love this mod has been made!The developers definetly deserve 10 out of 10 rating points. The mod brings me back to the greatest city in the world everytime I start the game. It's a bit like vacation for me. The mod is also a great tribute to New Yorks bravest and New Yorks finest!


-very detailed map
-great graphics (buildings from GTA IV, high resolution...)
-original sounds (alarm bell, radio transmissions, sirens...)
-very varied gameplay (everything from gas explosion to MVA)
-creative and realistic scripts (serach house, taser, engine on/off...)
-almost perfect overall impression
-It's NYC! :)


-high PC specs required
-some little issues with scripts

-> apart from that the gameplay is very stable

I'd like to apologize for my English. It's not perfect, but I think you'll understand my review for the most part.

If it's possible you've done, if it's possible you'll do it!



The realism that has progressed since your first verison is increditable. I am sure with this new version when it does come out will be just as mind blowing as when the first version came out except now you guys know how to implement the realism into gaming so it makes this and newer versions all the more worth the wait! Keep up the fantastic work guys on this version and any other mod you guys make. in my opionion you guys are truely the best of the best modders!!

Love yalls mods, they are super realistic, and fun to play!!

Well, It is a rare kind of modification, Which i mean in =

+ New Map
+ Lots of new Script
+ New types of callouts
+ Alot more units.

Its one of the only mods which was made completly by scratch (sorta).

I played it from Version 1, Which i honestly didnt really like it had so many bugs, I had a low end, but decent PC but it was lagging really bad for me. They improved all of that in the coming versions, and after Manhatten 3.0, They moved on to another project which i think was a good decision since Manhatten was a great mod, But it had to many bugs and some core errors.

Alot of those bugs are fixed in BOF, Well you still have bugs, but it looks better and way more people can play the mod now which is a good thing.

So in short:
Manhatten - To many bugs, Had to have a decent PC.
+ New Concept, Great Map, Alot of new untits etc.

BOF - Some small bugs, Still not redirect. (Or atleast didnt find it)
+ New fresh starts which fixed alot of bugs, looks great again now! And i can handle it with the same pc.

Big ones:

+ Best American mod from around this time perk.(Sorry LA mod...)
+ Good graphics
+ Some new awesome units scripts
+ New sort of callout scripts.
+ New pretty cool calls!

- PC's/Laptop need to be pretty strong, altough its getting better
- Pretty much bugs.
- Traffic is a nightmare


Good mod, Started from a decent but buggy laggy mod, To a even more decent mod, way less bugs and its a good playable decent mod now!

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