This total conversion aims to recreate the upper Shinra tower as shown in the 1997 RPG Final Fantasy VII in full 3D.

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Location: Anywhere - Looking for: Programmers

Posted by on Jan 28th, 2012

Currently Electric Illuminations is developing the Fallout 3 total conversion 'Mako Dawn' ( We're looking for a passionate and dedicated 3D environment artist to help speed up development. They must:

-Be able to create optimized meshes and textures and be able to UV map
-Be able to get custom textured models into the GECK / Fallout 3
-Be willing to learn
-Have familiarity with the original FF7 and own a copy of Fallout 3
-Have enough time available to make noticeable progress over a the period of a week
-Take the initiative when encountering problems and at least attempt to solve it prior to asking a team member for help
-Have either an AIM, MSN or GoogleTalk account (or use IRC) and be willing to arrange times to talk about development
-Be able to handle constructive criticism and follow directions

Please note that the above are prerequisites, not preferences. We're willing to work around your schedule and to help you out if you’re stuck, but we're not going to spend large amounts of time teaching you the position you're applying for.

Please include examples of your work and write in plain English.

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