Sometime around 2009 a huge civil wore broke out in America, assassinations and killings were common. One of the worst hit places was Liberty City were any one in a position of power was killed, leaving the city without a leader. All police and army units were wither destroyed or assimilated into the civil groups. You are not here to take advantage of the situation and take control of this ruined city if you can survive Main updates so far include: new airport casino interior hotel4 interior kmricndo2 interior stadium interior flatiron building interior twins building interior Donald love building interior new observatory ghost town roads ghost town terrain ghost town buildings (3 lots left) dam terrain new SSV hospital interior Portland pipe system SSV pipe system descent easter egg ship interior crushed building in park Joeys garage interior new Portland lighthouse new building ground buildings Red Faction warlords map easter egg All new vehicles New radar Check for more information.

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