Will you join the ranks of the Republic and lead them in a last stand as the only light against a galaxy of darkness? Or will you take part in corrupting the galaxy as the vile Mandolorians? Will you fight for peace or war, Jedi or Sith, light or dark. The choice is yours, and the Galaxy will be changed by you forever.

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My hero unit list. Please excuse the fact that the preview image for the news. Images are in short supply with me....

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Here is my hero unit list. Feel free to make suggestions or ask questions.


Admiral Dodonna [space only]
Carth Onasi [space only]
Bastila Shan
Mystery Jedi
Various Admirals and Captains [space only]
Jedi Masters

Saul Karath [space only]
Sith Lords [possibly some made-up ones, just to get some heroes]
Darth Bandon
Admiral Varko [pilots a corvette]
General Derred [super tank]
Mon Halan [[pilots a frigate]


[Mandos don't have many heroes, but they make up for it in special units]

Some special units:

Republic Agent [infiltrator-type role]
Mandalorian Super-commando[hard to kill, very powerful]
Jedi Hunter[Mando, and a sith version]
Mandalorian Scout-shock troops [jet-pack scouts]
Mandalorian Heavy-Shock troops [jet-pack assault troops]
Mandalorian Raiders [light raiding forces]
Republic Turret team [deploys like artillery, and sets up a repeating turret]
Republic Troopers [not like in swtor, but like the soldiers in the swtor timelines]
Republic Sith Hunters [force-pike anti-sith]
Sith Terrorist[suicidal mega-bomber]

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