Information; ------------ Please post ANY ideas you have for this mod in the "Suggestions" section in the "Discussion" Tab , I will be reviewing it EVERY day to try and incorporate as many of your ideas as I can. KOW is dedicated to bringing you the oppertunity to lead great undead armies, create mutilated experiments just for fun and destruction. You can bring items to your alter at your chapel and use them to create various undead creatures, including: * Skeleton Warrior * Skeleton Archer * Undead Caster (Zombie Mage) CURRENT FEATURES 1) Short quest to gain the Necromancy powers 2) Use up ingredients (2 bonemeal, ribcage, skull) to create minions. 3) A small chapel and cellar with pews and a podium for speaking (give a sermon to the air molecules!) 4) A necromancer class designed with the skills you need to succeed in the Art of Necromancy.

----------------This is the latest news for KOW - King Of Worms--------------

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* I am currently working on removing a teleport bug to stop the minions from constantly teleporting right infront of the player.

* I am awaiting from you people to tell me of ANY bugs you find in the mod. PLease report them in.

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