A texture pack and realism modification for one of the most notorious games in videogame violence history. Rags 2 Riches breathes new life into Kingpin: Life of Crime.

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Zaero says

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Now, after I completed the game with the mod enabled, here is the short review:

-fantastic new textures and blood pools
-all items unlocked at Pawn-o-matic, but prizes boosted for balance
-non-breaking weapon mods
-weapon-related annoyances fixed (for example slow shotgun reloading)

Cons (IMHO):
-bodies can no longer be gibbed by explosion or magnum shots (which is not very bad since gibbed bodies dont leave money, but I prefer more juicy gore effects)

Bugs found during the gameplay (Attention: those may be not mod related!):
-Mean Streets: after I picked up the reload mod (I've had pistol with silencer) and reload weapon some glitch occured which made it not possible to equip the silencer again (until the next map change). Console printed a massage: r_drawaliasmodel: no such frame 70, a few times
-Derailed: I was unable to open the exit hatch from the sewers, the switch was too deep in the wall (map architecture bug?). Used "noclip" to bypass it.
-Radio City Station: the jokers didn't want to follow me (but I did their quest right, as I was able to recruit other jokers), instead they were still chating. It looked like their AI was unable to find the correct pathway.

Summary: This mod is simply a must-have. It fixes many stupid things (silencer braking after 10 shots? WTF?) and makes game, the way it always should be. As with all VGames' mods this one brings "good" much closer to "perfect". I simply does not understand why was it so low rated, but I plan to fix it by giving the rate of 10 - as all the stuff made by V, it deserves no less.

Thanks for another fantstic contribution V! "That's jake what you did 4 us! ;)


MyNameIsQ says

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A Great Great Modification , since this is an classic game its brillint to see added definstion and quality years later which sort of slightly updates it to be playable TODAY !! , V2 is well anticiapted !!


Win32/Pocyx.B!cl. says

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hemebond says

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All the screenshots show textures with increased contrast and a loss in detail. No increase in realism.


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