Keegz97 presents: Jurassic Park Hunter (JPH) ================== BACKSTORY: My dear Friend, It has been 20 years since the accident on Isla Nublar and Ingen has been wanting to refranchise the Jurassic Park dream.So you, the newest agent must go to Isla Sorna, hunt down and capture specific species to extract DNA to collect the amount to remake the Best Theme Park in the history of the World,Jurassic Park! First,you must earn your worth,every time you kill or tranqulize a species you get an amount of money,and the more money you get, the more species you get to hunt,But watch your back,for there are many dangers on Site B.The large carnivores are not as deadly as the..Raptors. Good luck and happy hunting. In Full regards, John Hammond =============================

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DLC pack 2

DLC pack 2

Dec 5, 2013 Skin Pack proprietary licence (10.09mb) 0 comments

This DLC pack includes 9 huntables. This pack has the armored Centrosaurus and the Interesting Ekrixinatosaurus. to extract the file,simply take the file...

Alternate Skin Pack

Alternate Skin Pack

Aug 7, 2013 Skin Pack proprietary licence (11.37mb) 2 comments

This is the Alternate Skin Pack. It contains 16 original dinosaurs and some DLC altogether.You must first extract the folder from Winrar and then insert...

DLC pack 1

DLC pack 1

Jul 21, 2013 Skin Pack proprietary licence (2.99mb) 0 comments

This DLC pack contains 5 dinosaurs, 4 huntables and 1 ambient. there will soon be an updated version of this pack with a new map for the mamenchisaurus(map...

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