July Anarchy Prologue is an experimental action-RPG set in a heavy-metal fantasy universe, where the player is thrown into a constant struggle for survival in the largest battle ever rendered in the Aurora Engine. Showcases entirely new concepts to the Aurora engine such as procedurally-generated battles and territorial warfare.

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Here's a rundown of the changes already implemented in the game and those that will be soon. The new version is nearing completion.

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Here's a rundown of the changes already implemented in the game and those that will be soon. The new version is nearing completion.

New Features

  • Adrenaline System
  • Statistics Tracking: Score, kills, deaths, etc.
  • New Weapon: Rocket Launcher
  • Auto-Scavenge: You now earn health packs, wealth and ammo instantly after killing an enemy rather than searching a loot bag.
  • Snipers now spawn as allies.
  • New Secret Objective.
  • Alternate Ending.
  • Ending credits movie.
  • Soundtrack player in the secret area.


  • Experience Rate reduced to 30% from 50%
  • Rebalanced all allies and enemies.
  • Changed spawn locations that originally weren't fair.
  • Rewritten creature descriptions.
  • U.N. Peacemakers are no longer immortal.
  • Reiko Kusanagi temporarily leaves the battle if she takes too much damage.
  • Snipers cause more damage.
  • Improved some awkward camera angles in cutscenes.
  • New music for the main battle.
  • More battle dialogue.
  • Neural Shock Staff now stuns enemies rather than damages them.
  • The sword Rhino Gleeson gives the player is now more powerful.
  • Spawn system now randomizes creatures respawned, rather than simply cloning the creature that died.
  • Praetorian Souldancers can now heal other enemies, are easier to kill.
  • Some areas fleshed out with additional placeables, triggers and story.
  • Nobien's story slightly improved.
  • It is now (barely) possible to kill the final boss.


  • Attempting the Communications Tower mission before talking to Prader no longer breaks the game.
  • The "Options" dialogue no longer pops up in the middle of the opening cutscene if the player is using an imported character from the middle of a previous playthrough.
  • Kaye now properly recognizes whether you helped him or not.
  • Soldiers now reply to commanders when given the order to form up.
  • Advancing soldiers no longer get stuck in Sector D.
  • The Death Slaad in Sector D can no longer cast Death magic to instantly kill a vital character.
  • Final Boss should no longer get stuck on walls in its area.
  • Timing of spoken dialogue in late cutscene has been improved.
  • Players can now skip past the "Attack" cutscene.
  • Corrected spelling errors (where found).
  • Cutscene areas correctly clean up after viewing.
  • Less heartbeat scripts to improve performance.
  • Optimized secret area.
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