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Because we believe a little media never hurts anybody.

Posted by 95Navigator on Feb 11th, 2014

Hey all!

After seeing the spectacular progress our mapper Mambridge made on nether_01, we decided to record a little gameplay video to show once more what we are cooking up for this project.

Without further ado, take a look:

So, what did you just saw? This is nether_01, a map located in a sewer system, which will be repurposed and included in our Under chapter, set right after the teleport failure of Kleiner's Lab. Mambridge focused on giving a particularly sudden and visceral introduction to the Combine Manhack, an enemy which the player must expect to encounter quite frequently in the underground sewer portions of City 17.

And just because we are feeling particularly nice this day, here is another sweet preview:

As the title states, this is the replacement of JoshZ's E3 2002 Shotgun which was implemented prior to the mod. While the shotgun we were using beforehand was and still is a perfect, bugless model, we needed to replace it though due to the hands being from the beta and not from the retail.

While Mambridge was replacing the model and doing needed edits for Attachments he swapped out the stock to the retail and the shotgun shell casing to use the retail also.

Because lets face it: the beta one was... sub-par compared to the retail.

JoshZ - Textures
Mambridge - Stock Replacement, Attachment placing
Valve - models/v_shotgun_dx7.mdl
Valve - Animations

So thats it for today. We hope you like both our preview of nether_01, and our new shotgun model. Thanks for following us, and stay tuned for more :)

- The Insolence Dev Team

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Themcguireman Feb 11 2014 says:

Very nice work there! Hope to see more soon :D

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PunishedLamia Feb 11 2014 says:

Looking good! :D

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AmbientNoise Feb 11 2014 says:

I do like how the puzzle was implemented for the pipe hatch, very clever. Looking good so far!

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Crumar Feb 12 2014 says:

That was amazing, best of luck to you guys on the mod!

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SPY-maps Feb 12 2014 says:

I just watched the video and i liked it a lot, great level design!!!

Still, there were a few things that did bother me a very little bit;

-right at the start, at the end of the vent, when you fall at the end
through it. It seems that i can hear 2 door sounds. Don't know if you did make the vent break/fall through out of 2 door_funcs, but if you did then you didn't disable the sound of the door_funcs or you did gave them a particluar door sound. Maybe i am wrong, but i checked it
twice and i did hear both times clearly a door sound.
- after that, when you walk through the long hallway, with the pipes/steam and water. I noticed a wheel on one pipe (at point 0:54 min.) that looked like it was placed not on a pipe but beside it. At 0:54 you can see the wheel right above the crowbar.
- The electric button box at 2:16 min. has to be pressed to unlock the door beside it. When you press that box you hear a door opening, but when you then look at the door it is still closed. It would be more clear to the player to unlock AND open the door. Should you decide to only unlock the door, then you need to change the electric button sound in to a button sound, or a unlock door sound. Because now players will be confused, then hear a door opening and see this door closed so they will look somewere else for a open door.
-and my last "complain" is about this same electric button box, ones you have gone through the door and come back. Then the same electric box is used again, but for a different purpose, (to open the pipe below). This should be made more clear to the player, that this button box has 2 things to open, otherwise people will not use the box again but just look somewere else to do the next step.

Hope you don't mind me pointing these things out to you, there just my 2 cents of thought.great work!! will start tracking!

a fellow mapper,

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95Navigator Author
95Navigator Feb 12 2014 replied:

We aprecciate your feedback, and coming from a mapper, even better. Thanks for your support! :)

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SPY-maps Feb 14 2014 says:

glad i could help, the hardest part about mapping is to understand what a player will probably do next. And what he understands and what not. I am still truggeling with these things myself, (letting someone test your levels is the best way to see if the player playes it like you hoped he would).

much success,

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