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Here is a list of what's new in the update to the 1.2 version.

Posted by xPearse on Jun 15th, 2013

Here is the new update, I hope you will enjoy the changes that I have made. Enjoy and provide some feedback if you can, I need that feedback to make improvements on the mod. From what you liked to what you disliked about the mod in general, I do hope you try the new version out though.

HOTD 1.2 Download

Alternative Dropbox Link

Updated 15th June

  • New female faces
  • New Companions
  • More Companion Dialogues
  • Changes made to ingame text (Alot of it but not all)
  • New Clothing
  • New Weapons
  • New Items
  • Faction Banners
  • Edits/fixes to many items
  • Troop Stats Fixed and Balanced
  • Many other small changes
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Varulv Jun 18 2013 says:

I see you added some new animations of reloading for a few guns like sawn-off shotgun (and I think I've already seen this animations in mod Star Wars: Conquest).

Great work.

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xPearse Author
xPearse Jun 18 2013 replied:

The pistol animation was from Calradia Modern Warfare, it looks good and it way better than the native animation. Glad you like it.

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Varulv Jun 20 2013 says:

There's no tree updates or missed I something?

As I see, nobody (no soldiers) can upgrade on higher level... :/

I wish you add some trees for soldiers of every faction.

And if it's possible, I wish there were American mercenaries, for example, ex S.W.A.T. soldiers ;)

Could you change weight of some items? I mean especially Electric Guitar. Why it is so heavy?

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xPearse Author
xPearse Jun 20 2013 replied:

I removed them so you cannot get your troops having pistols to assault rifles through upgrading. For a modern mod it doesn't suit as well as it does in a medieval mod so I took it away, there are people to recruit in the taverns and that's why I added that.

It would be just stupid to have American mercenaries so sorry. Yea if there are some more items you think are too heavy then give me a holler and I'll reduce the weight.

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Varulv Jun 20 2013 replied:

But in modern world (even in reality) there's a lot of mercenaries who aren't regular soldiers and they could change or upgrade their equipment. And the policemen and soldiers? They could get promotion (new rank) if they would deserve it while their work. And lieutenant can became for example lieutenant general.

If you removed standard trees, I think you should add more types of mercenaries (I mean especially more people with guns).

About items:

- Electric Guitar (weight 8.0, I think reduce to 2.0 or 2.5 in real world my classic guitar's weight is only 1.7)

- Shoes. Only combat boots could weight more than 1.0, so could you change weight of work boots and black boots?

- Flags. Need they really weight 10.0? If mop's weight is 2.0 and flag is a mop with plain weave, is this 8.0 more heavier? I don't think so.

- Every kind of gun. Pistols and revolvers should weight between 0.5 to 1.5 but rifles and shotguns and sawn-off gun should be heavier like between 2.5 to 4.0 (shotguns and assault rifles especially)

And one more thing. Could you just try to contact with a modder "yellowmosquito"?

He made 1866 Western Mod for M&B 1.011 and he add shotgun's effect of hurting many enemies at this same time. I wish to see this effect in your mod too :) It would be fantastic if yellowmosquito would allow you to use his shotgun's effect.

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xPearse Author
xPearse Jun 20 2013 replied:

Well I don't really want it in the mod, I say there is enough mercs in the tavern unless you think there needs to be more. If so suggestions please, I added in scopes onto some guns a while back so I'll add a unit in with those. Upgrading only works for you and not the factions or at least I think, anyhow the factions spawn with enough of each unit so im happy with that.

Yea I added most items in long ago and can't really remember what needs fixing such as weight on items, thanks for the info and I'll make the changes now. I asked 1866 Western Mod people before and they didn't help me, I wanted it in the mod but without their help I can't add it. Mop pole made from wood is obviously going to be lighter than something made from metal hence when the flag poles are heavier. I'll reduce their weight by a bit though.

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Varulv Jun 21 2013 replied:

Sorry for the flag and mop confusion I thought before they are made this same material (wood) but if flag is metal, then I believe you :)

What else? Fights with zombies are hard because Zombie have good body protection, so you can hurt them only by headshots or beat their legs. It means it's better to keep them on distance but as I mentioned before it's hard because of lack mercenaries with high levels and great firearms skills or just lack good guns.

Need more ammo for guns (when revolver needs 6 bullets, let me reload this 20 times {if I can ask} so 120 bullets are needed so 60 bullets on one eq slot).

Please could you change bullet icon in equipment window?

Paperbullets aren't using for modern weapons.

One of city map isn't finished and I see the desert hills when I'm walking small streets. It appears from left side.

In some places you can get stuck. I mean small streets too and in new "taverns" while walking arround.

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xPearse Author
xPearse Jun 21 2013 replied:

Well zombies would just take punishment unless you shoot them in the head, don't worry as I'll add more mercs with guns in later on. I guess you want more bullets for the ammo boxes, well I could increase it slightly and yea I'll make an ammo box to replace the native ammo icon.

Which city map was it that you were in, there is alot and I don't have the time to test them all out on my own. It may be the collision meshes that make you stuck but I already made sure they were right as they are the models used for collision so it shouldn't be happening. Anyhow thanks for your feedback.

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Varulv Jun 23 2013 replied:

About map:
When I start fight zombie and the map is Shaun Gas Station, I usually go left valley. There's some buildings and when I'm coming closer I can see desert hills (I mean, at the edge of map).

and one more question:
Are you going to add some motors (motorbikes) or other vehicles?

I'm asking because I saw in city trade options Vehicle Mechanic, and this trader has no items (I guess he was before Horse Merchant).

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xPearse Author
xPearse Jun 23 2013 replied:

Yea your not meant to go outside the street area, I didn't want to stop the player from moving around so I didn't add in invisible walls. I won't be adding any vehicles as I have said before, the vehicle merchant sells the Humvee but that has a very low chance of appearing and should only be used for faster travel on the world map.

I'll increase the chance of it appearing though.

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