Hexen II - Shadows of Chaos is a mod/mini mission pack for Hexen 2, melding elements of heretic and hexen 1 into the newer title. Based on a heavily modified version of the excellent game of tomes mod, it features revamped classes, alternate fires based on your player level, new maps and enemies, and much more brutal gore to bring it closer to hexen 1 in tone. Experience Hexen 2 with new twists, puzzles, and full coop support on large maps thanks to spike's addition of BSP2 support

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Sir_Henry says

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Mod has lots of bugs and gameplay issues, balancing needs more attention as well. There is still a lot of work to do to bring this mod to a reasonable level.


Shadesmaster says

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Shadows of Chaos takes everything from both base HeXen 2 and even Game of Tomes (which already improved upon H2) and cranks it up to 11. This demo is just a taste of what's to come, surely, but it already gets high marks for story, atmosphere and environment. It's aim is, clearly, to become THE benchmark with which to mod HeXen 2 from here on in - much like Arcane Dimensions for Quake - and from what I've played, it delivers! Cooperative mode even has a checkpoint system since you don't save as in singleplayer, though dying resets gained experience - a godsend that balances gameplay out nicely considering you DO have help.


mallie says

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