I've decided to make this hero mod beacuse there are some heroes that I think would be really fun to have. If any of you have played Vapula's Hero Mod for BFME 1, it will be in the same category. I just add the heroes I want, not so that it fits the time and place the game happens. I've planned to add Men of the West: Halbarad; A dunedain, and a close friend of Aragorn. He'll be a leadership kind of unit. Elves: Celeborn; Make him useable in the Skirmish/War of the Ring modes. Change his powers Dwarves: Grimbeorn; He'll be able to transform into a bear. Bard II; Prince of Dale. The heir of the man who killed Smaug the Golden. He'll have bonuses on killing dragons, and use the bow Mordor: Gothmog; The orc liutentant. Commanded the forces in the battle on Minas Tirith Mahud; A man on a Mumakil. Leadership bonuses to mumakils Ringrwraiths; make them mountable on both nazgul and horse on the same hero Isengard: Ugluk; The Isengard liutentant which lead Merry and...

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I'm just here to tell everybody that the computer f****d itself in the a**e, and the backup I had was months old, so the mod was hugely set back (all the code disapered), but I did try to finish it. So I worked (although little and silently) until thursday this week. That day the almigthy Football Manager 2007 was released, so modding stopped. Now, the mod is about 60-70 % done, but what I have I will release. (The guest that asked about Beorn, his transform doesn't work in this version. Or, the transfrom works like a charm, but the bear anims are f****d) So don't be harsh, and if anyone wants to use any part of the mod, you're welcome. Just remember to put me in the credits ;) Thanks to Lord Of Gifts for the install :) The patch is the number 4 I think. Sorry for any inconviniences


Coooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooool :)

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its dead

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