Halout 3, the total conversion mod for Fallout 3!

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fantastic mix, but dont add the 1950's style song at the start, only fallouts main menu song, because it just doesn't mix at the start. but the rest however, you did a great job! :D

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I quite like the intro...

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I could imagine this in a trailer, marines and soldiers just came home serving in the army against rebels and stuff, having fun dancing at a bar and drinking beer and ****.

Then you have this guys alone in the corner, watching out from the window and he sees the covenant Armada getting in position and then whole hell breaks lose.

Later on people fight epic battles, small scaled and bigger scaled. Later on we find nothing but about wastelands and remnants fighting for their last breath...

This would be a epic teaser that bring out the message of a game that is mixed between Halo and Fallout. You know, just explaining it but it doesn't have to do with the actually story scrip that you later are going to blow with a different trailer or something :D

[[PS]: sorry for my English...]

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eaglewulf, that actually sounds like a good intro...

i like the intro and the rest of it (fallout meets halo), does a really good job of tying everything together. props

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This was a mix I made when I first started working on the mod, it captured the feelings the drove me to keep making the mod. A perfect cross between the Fallout and Halo universes. Now I plan on finally using it in a trailer, however I would like your ideas and input on what you would like to see in the trailer. Try and think of stuff that would fit the music.

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