A single game conquered the hearts of thousands, but time moved it to the realm of memories... But it's alive. It's back.

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Just awsome :D

This is The Multiplayer to good ol, GOTHIC 2 !!! COOOL


Jako Polak jestem dumny że moi rodacy zrobili coś takiego ;D Świetna robota i już się nie mogę doczekać na to aby zrobić serwer Role Play ;D

Best mod made for Gothic


W końcu Multiplayer

will not work without accepting unacceptable "terms and conditions" which i had to machinetranslate from polish to german to understand anything.
they contain the acceptance of giving the emailadress and userdata to 3rd persons (selling for advertisement mails e.g. SPAM-mails).
also they demand to always accept google-ad-scripts: deactivating those will thereby be a fraud.

summed up: they try to trick you.

just awsome


Bo ten mod jest zwyczajnie świetny :)

Great mod for Gothic. Many functions etc.

Good mod.

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