Gen Ost: The Fall of Berlin, is a modification for Battlefield 2 The topic is an alternative outcome of the events surrounding the 9 November 1989. The mod itself is based on the free documentation "The Third World War" the ZDF in 1998 which describes a possible chain of events that would take place in 1989 to the peaceful end of socialism could lead to nuclear annihilation. Geno followed the same procedure described in the document with the invasion of Schleswig-Holstein Osttruppen at the beginning of February until the liberation of West Berlin by NATO in late March 1990th As content both the battles of the cited documents and own bathing scenarios be included, which received more detail on the attack of the Eastern troops and re-conquest NATO. Receive will all be in this conflict parties as on the part of the Nato West Germany (BRD), USA, UK and other allies as well as Russia and East Germany (DDR) on the part of the Warsaw Pact.

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PLA Vehicle
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they called him names throughout school, but now look who has it big where it counts? everyone wants to ride this!

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just a **** **** mod。。。
in 1989,pla have no su30,have no zsu57,and so many **** weapon
reviw the history pls

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GenOBvNOD Author

First they have these cars. Show itself first in the history here before you insult. the only one of the gaz is not true, because we do not have the other.

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GenOBvNOD Author

People's Republic of China

The People's Republic of China was approached by Iraq in the early 1980s to develop a copy of the ZSU-57-2 system and a few examples were delivered to the PRC for reverse-engineering.[6][8] To meet Iraq's production order, NORINCO attempted to manufacture a copy with the improved amphibious chassis of the Type 69-II tank. Several Type 80 SPAAGs were tested and accepted into service by the People's Liberation Army (PLA) in small numbers.[3] It was originally intended for the export market but didn't sell well. Greater success was achieved by Chinese-made proximity fuses which could be used to modernize the S-60 and S-68 ammunition

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Very good against infantry! :D

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GAZ-69 --- EOD
PT-76 --- EOD
T-54 --- EOD
ZSU-57 --- EOD
NAMCQ5 --- Bf2
SU 30 --- Bf2
MiG 21 --- OPK
WZ 11 --- Bf2
Z8 --- Bf2

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