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Lopez7475 says

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There are many things that I like about this mod. The variety of races, and detailed descriptions were far better than the ones I tried to do. it feels like I am interacting with mass effect leaders. However, there are many more opportunities for this mod to get higher scores, such as custom ships for the civilizations that are depicted in mass effect (ex. elcor or volus won't have different ships because they are not portrayed in the game, but Asari, Humans, and Turians will.) This is the first mod I have installed for the game, but I have enjoyed the mod for the entire time I have played it.


Ninoslaw says

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The mod is absolutely beautiful, from the cutscenes from mass effect 1,2,3, to different council ,and non council species. The Soundtrack is great, and nicely posted, especially the background theme, and the galaxy map theme, the mod is just perfect ,except for one thing....
it needs different ship styles for races in game, because they are just using the Gal Civ ship design ,and not the mass effect ones. All in all, i give this mod 9/10, its badass, just add custom ship templates for Mass Effect species, and i say its 10/10 mod. Good Job, and i hope ,you will continue to improve this mod.


DutchMike says

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Make it quick :p


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