this mod will replace the fallout factions with that in warhammer 40k it aims to replace everything in Fallout 3 to Warhammer 40k

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Aug 28 2010 Anchor

this really isnt a big problem but i have blood raven chapter on but their name is dark angles how do i fix this,also on named space marines they have no helmet or head just its invisible and dark eldar have a similar problem because their weapons don't show up they are holding nothing and shooting and hitting you this is problem me messing up when i installed it or something does any one know how to fix these problems?

Aug 30 2010 Anchor

the bloodravens head problem is a problem with the armor, i have no idea whats up with the darkeldar, might need a reinstall of the darkeldar mesh and textures
bloodravens named darkangels is my fault, i will fix the names in the next update

Aug 30 2010 Anchor

thx,so its all errors is with the data it self and not me installing it wrong,well any way at lest you can fix these error unlike when i mod which most of the time causes game to crash :dead: cant wait for new version with the fixes :D and keep up the good work you guys are great :D

Sep 1 2010 Anchor

version of my game is 1.7,i downloaded all meshes and textures,i combined them in right order,i put them into data folder,i launched files in right order as you sad on previos page and in game i can see only bolter,bolt pistol,blood armor with blood helmet,chainsword and thousand sons backpack!!1whats trouble? Maybe it`s because i`m use russian version? Or what? Esm file redawnloaded 6 times. I try rename esm file to esp, and... Only crash. I don`t knew what i must do whith this problem. Maybe you can help me. Thnx

Oh and i`m use ultramarines. And sometimes. I think it`s troble whith russion language. Couse i have green interface

Sep 1 2010 Anchor

it wont be the language you are running, and dont EVER, ever rename .esm to .esp it will never work. have you physically not found the 40k items? or has it just come up with a bit red ! in the place of models. at first in the game you may not notice too much change until you start to come across the other factions

Sep 1 2010 Anchor

raiders are raiders, in city whith "emperial guard" othing change too. And i neve seen sister of battle. Only women in power armor...

Your mod s the best men but I still wont to use it, please help me.
P.s. And proposition, for whot necrons? You can made inqusitores ans which hunters. Think about. Adeptus arbiters? inqusitores are the best.

made Eisenhorn, he is the best, and made ordo csenos.

Sep 2 2010 Anchor

are you running any other mods? such as fook? or ANY other mods?

Sep 2 2010 Anchor

Orks.esp( it`s your mod), Spacemarine-ultramarines.esp, WH40K CONVERSION.ESP, brokensteelrus.esp, tau ammo.esm, russian.esp, fallout3.esm.
First time i use hd textures but nw i reinstall the game whithout it.

Sep 2 2010 Anchor

i recommend you download and sort the load order with this

the load order should be

otherdlc.esm files (the other expansions)
tau ammo.esm

your "WH40K CONVERSION" is a .esp? thats not right? also whats this russian.esp? what does that do?

Sep 2 2010 Anchor

russion language. Whithot it`s nothing change... Can i use theit and other dlls?

nothing change. Maybe i need to start new game?

Sep 2 2010 Anchor

is everyone at the citadel wearing normal armor?

Sep 2 2010 Anchor

no. Somespace marine i see, but they haven`t ride hand armor. But there aren`t raiders, sister of battles and imperials guard.

When i use loader, index of yor mod allways 01.... Something wrong whith it... I try install english version.

I made it!) Thx for help. But your mod not working whith russian version. Maybe you can dix that.

New trouble( When i use orcks.esp orks not use choppas and shoota`s :( Help if you can...

Sep 3 2010 This post has been deleted.
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