A Modification to enable Multiplayer in F.A.K.K 2. Featuring Player versus Player combat.

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Nov 19th, 2009
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This Modification allows to play the F.A.K.K 2 over LAN or Internet with your friends. This is Death-Match themed, it's not Co-op. Please read the Network-Tuning Guide before you get started (features).

This Modification allows to play the F.A.K.k 2 over LAN or Internet
with your friends. This is Death-Match themed, it's not Co-op.

1. Start the Installer, and follow the Instructions.
2. Copy the files "dm_euthanasia.bsp" and "dm_cemetery.bsp" into your
F.A.K.K 2 Multiplayer Mod Directory "Heavy Metal - FAKK2/mpbeta/maps".
If the folder /maps/ does not exist, create it.

Use the menu to connect to a server.
You need to know the server IP, is Local Host, your own Computer!

Console Commands
cg_cameraverticaldisplacement //Camera vertical offset
cg_camerascale //Camera following speed-scale
cg_cameradist //Distance from camera to player
cg_cameraheight //Camera Z-Axis
cg_3rd_person 0 //Turn off 3rd person camera view, 1 turns it on again
cg_lagometer 1 //Turns on the lago-meter-graph
saveshot/screenshot //take a screen-shot (F11 is default)
rcon //remote control a server
rconAddress //remote server address (if you are not connected to your server)
record //Record a Demo
stoprecord //stop recording a Demo
exec //executes a configuration-file
bind //Binds a command to a key
name //Sets your name
kill //Kill your self
clear //Clear console text
holster //put away all weapons (on/off)
connect //connect to a server
reconnect //reconnect to previous server
disconnect //leave current server
viewpos //tells you your current camera location (x y z) Angle
in_restart //restart Input-devices
inv_restart //restart the Inventory
snd_restart //restart the sound system
vid_restart //restart video (if you have made changes, this will applay them)
net_restart //restart the network
viewlog //shows the console log
logfile 1 //Turns on console logging into a log-file "mpbeta/qconsole.log"
quit //Ends the game
- you need to be the host -
maplist //Show list of maps
status //tells you the server and client status
kick //Kicks player with the given client id number
killserver //Ends the server
restart //restart current map
map //load a map
devmap //load a map with cheats active
mapname //tells you the name of the current map

noclip //Ghost like movement
god //
hide //Hide your self
show //show your self
give //give item
notarget //No target for ai
health //give your self health

- Marc "Commander" Schnell [dm_euthanasia.bsp]
- Ritual Entertainment [Multiplayer Base Code]
- Fakk2.moonwind.org [Creator of this Modification and dm_cemetery.bsp]

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F.A.K.K. 2 - Multiplayer Mod Beta 0.3 INSTALLER
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Knight_Ken Nov 22 2009 says:

Nice work by developer for multiplayer, i'll try later

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Clonest Apr 8 2010 says:

owwww!...not coop!..my world is ruined!

0 votes     reply to comment
Clonest Oct 27 2011 says:

COOP IS NOW POSSIBLE!, I would just like to point out that using tunngle and instead of "set deathmatch 1" you can use "set coop 1" and "set deathmatch 0", then proceed to load the single player map of your choice then by saving the game using the console commands, and exiting the game then launching it, and loading the save game with the "set coop 1" and "set deathmatch 0" values...THIS WAY PEOPLE CAN CONNECT TO YOUR SERVER!...but instead of respawning when dying, the other players will need to use the command "reconnect" to reconnect with the server!
WORKS QUITE NICELY IF YOU CAN STAND TO HAVE TO SAVE...quite...launch and load the game every time :D

+2 votes     reply to comment
Clonest Oct 28 2011 says:

ALSO don't forget to set "sv_maxclients" to "sv_maxclients 2" or to whatever number of players you want to join the game and it is also a very good idea to launch the game with cheats so that you may spawn weapons and health when needed

+2 votes     reply to comment
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