FOR MORE INFORMATIONS VISIT US! ================COMPANY OF HEROES: ENHANCED COMBAT================ The first big Modification for Company Of Heroes! VISIT US UNDER ! ============INSTALLATION:============ First : DELETE ALL PREVIOUS FILES OF THIS MOD!!! Copy all folders and the .module file into your Company of Heroes folder. Creat a new shortcut (copy your old one) and start the game with these parameters: "-dev -modname EnhancedCombat" e.g. it could look like this --> "X:\Program Files\Company of Heroes\RelicCOH.exe" -dev -modname EnhancedCombat" To use your current campagin saves (although I recommend to NOT play the campagin with the mod) you must copy the "...\My Games\Company of Heroes\Savegames\RelicCOH\Campaign s\coh" folder and rename it to "...\My Games\Company of Heroes\Savegames\EnhancedCombat\Ca mpaigns\coh". ============Known Issues:============ - Panthers...

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