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Elements of War - 1337 Board For Left 4 Dead: DEMO by Curtis Turner Special Thanks: Valve Microsoft What is 1337 Board? 1337 Board is a simple mod to Left 4 Dead that adds countless hotkeys to the keyboard menu in the game. Such As? Camera options (Default camera views, create your own, etc) Change your crosshair (Color, etc) Change Mouse Sensitivity on the fly. Etc etc etc! Over 9,000 Hotkeys "Trademark Goes Here"

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LEFT 4 DEAD - Below this is for 1337 Board .1(CSS). YOU DO NOT NEED TO DOWNLOAD .1, even for CSS. If you want kb_act for CSS, go to cfg/xCFG/1337 Board/KBx1337/Counter-Strike Source/Visit the official post for the entire keyboard list!(THIS IS FOR CSS)

What is 1337 Board?
1337 Board is a simple mod to Counter-Strike: Source that adds countless hotkeys to the keyboard menu in the game.Such as?
Countless camera views.
Ability to hotkey one button more than once(Sometimes) - Like mouse1 and mouse2 as +attack, if not space, shift, asdf... (: GG VALVE.
Play any soundscape
Ability to change entire player profiles
1337 Board Default ASDF Movement Hotkeys (Not on by default)
1337 Board Keyboard/Mouse and Controller can be used all at once.
Joystick Options
Change Mouse Sensitivity on the fly.
Camera views allowed in demo playback, aka great for movie makers
Record 1-50 demos
Etc etc etc...
Over 9,000 Hotkeys "Trademark Goes Here"Questions:

Do I need CSS or can I use a different game or mod?
It's built for CSS, however, with little to no modifications you can add it to *ANY* Gold Source or Source Game (Half-Life, Half-Life 2, Mods... Etc, doesn't even have to be made by Valve, like Dark Messiah of Might and Magic)

How come the camera system won't work in say, Counter-Strike?
Depends on the game. Some games will block third person. I've tested and it works on CSS, HL2, HL:S, HL, DMoM&M... Then I got lazy.

My camera seems messed up, did I do something wrong?
CSS doesn't allow the console command "force_centerview". Meaning get in First Person. Aim straight, then change your view. Don't ask me why they blocked what I believe is a cheating command... Ask Valve.

Some commands don't seem to work, am I doing something wrong?
It's suggested to use 1337 Board's Default Config for best play, but some commands require "sv_cheats 1" on. Most if not all servers don't allow cheating. Maybe you can h4x it(That's a joke btw)

I don't get it, will this blow up my computer?
It's two files:
xCFG which you place in your cfg folder. It's just folders and config files. The second is kb_act, which you place in Scripts. To get your old 25 hotkey game back, just delete Counter-Strike Source/CStrike/Scripts/kb_act and if for some reason you really want to, xCFG from cfg.

How do I install to a Gold Source engine game, like Half-Life?
Rather than placing xCFG in the cfg folder, just place it right into the secondary file of the game.
Place kb_act in

I pretty much hate how you did some of the config files or how you made kb_act, can I edit it?
It's beyond easy to edit anything in this mod. Just use any text editor. In fact, I want you to edit it. Many commands are for customizing to begin with.

I made SuperCoolMod for Half-Life 2, can I use 1337 Board in my mod?
1337 Board is Open Source or whatever. You can edit this file however you want and give it out however you like. I don't even want credits.

Do you have any tips for modding/editing this?
Just remember Gold Source requires .cfg at the end of any exec command in kb_act. It's not required by Source, but it's suggested to just leave it in anyways.When in a game, bring down your console and just type like a, b, c and see the commands you got for each game. There's also a list at Developer.ValveSoftware.com

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