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What is 1337 Board? 1337 Board is a simple mod to Counter-Strike: Source that adds countless hotkeys to the keyboard menu in the game.

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Elements of War - 1337 Board
For Counter-Strike: Source
by Curtis Turner
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Visit the official post for the entire keyboard list!

What is 1337 Board?
1337 Board is a simple mod to Counter-Strike: Source that adds countless hotkeys to the keyboard menu in the game.

Such as?
Countless camera views.
Ability to hotkey one button more than once(Sometimes) - Like mouse1 and mouse2 as +attack, if not space, shift, asdf... (: GG VALVE.
Play any soundscape
Ability to change entire player profiles
1337 Board Default ASDF Movement Hotkeys (Not on by default)
1337 Board Keyboard/Mouse and Controller can be used all at once.
Joystick Options
Change Mouse Sensitivity on the fly.
Camera views allowed in demo playback, aka great for movie makers
Record 1-50 demos
Etc etc etc...
Over 9,000 Hotkeys "Trademark Goes Here"

Do I need CSS or can I use a different game or mod?
It's built for CSS, however, with little to no modifications you can add it to *ANY* Gold Source or Source Game (Half-Life, Half-Life 2, Mods... Etc, doesn't even have to be made by Valve, like Dark Messiah of Might and Magic)

How come the camera system won't work in say, Counter-Strike?
Depends on the game. Some games will block third person. I've tested and it works on CSS, HL2, HL:S, HL, DMoM&M... Then I got lazy.

My camera seems messed up, did I do something wrong?
CSS doesn't allow the console command "force_centerview". Meaning get in First Person. Aim straight, then change your view. Don't ask me why they blocked what I believe is a cheating command... Ask Valve.

Some commands don't seem to work, am I doing something wrong?
It's suggested to use 1337 Board's Default Config for best play, but some commands require "sv_cheats 1" on. Most if not all servers don't allow cheating. Maybe you can h4x it(That's a joke btw)

I don't get it, will this blow up my computer?
It's two files:
xCFG which you place in your cfg folder. It's just folders and config files. The second is kb_act, which you place in Scripts. To get your old 25 hotkey game back, just delete Counter-Strike Source/CStrike/Scripts/kb_act and if for some reason you really want to, xCFG from cfg.

How do I install to a Gold Source engine game, like Half-Life?
Rather than placing xCFG in the cfg folder, just place it right into the secondary file of the game.
Place kb_act in

I pretty much hate how you did some of the config files or how you made kb_act, can I edit it?
It's beyond easy to edit anything in this mod. Just use any text editor. In fact, I want you to edit it. Many commands are for customizing to begin with.

I made SuperCoolMod for Half-Life 2, can I use 1337 Board in my mod?
1337 Board is Open Source or whatever. You can edit this file however you want and give it out however you like. I don't even want credits.

Do you have any tips for modding/editing this?
Just remember Gold Source requires .cfg at the end of any exec command in kb_act. It's not required by Source, but it's suggested to just leave it in anyways.

When in a game, bring down your console and just type like a, b, c and see the commands you got for each game. There's also a list at Developer.ValveSoftware.com

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