Welcome to Dogs of War, a singleplayer-focused modification for the PC game Battlefield 2 (A.K.A. BF2). The focus of this modification is to rework DICE's original game into a fast-paced, singleplayer-only game with completely new sounds, effects, and textures, as well as many new weapons and vehicles. You'll also experience fast-paced gameplay on foot against bots, with guns blazing all around. Decimate your computer-controlled enemies with a F-14 Tomcat or pick them off with an AS-50. The newest version of Dogs of War in development (yet to be released) will feature tons of new content, such as the deadly Russian SKS and FN-FAL, the formidable M48 and T-55 tanks, and much more. All with top-knotch animations, sounds, and effects.

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ytres says

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A great modification.

Great, really pretty cool work. I hope version 3 will be released soon. Sound effects are really good. I loved it. So great mod! Give it a try or die.



It is a splendid mod!
I have played the single player and enjoyed a lot.

The artificial intelligence is very challenging and dinamic !
Also the sound, weapons are very good.

My best thanks to the creator of mod "Dogs of War" !


From what i remember of DOW, it was pretty good. Will redownload to see if it's still the same old game i remember.

awesome. bring blackbird and tv missles. wud be so much win

Great Mod,keep up the great work!!






Iasuh says

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Muy bueno, agraga muchos vehiculos y armas.. buena variedad de mapas..

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Aug 29 2011 by Sgt_Prof