<b>What</b><br/> I have composed ALL new music for The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion. In total, there are 32 pieces of music. <p/> <b>Why</b><br/> Why am I doing this? First, because I love the game. Second because I love the soundtrack. Third, because it combines my two major passions, video games and composition. And Fourth, and perhaps most important, because I am hoping to get the attention of some game companies and get some more work as a game composer. <p/> <b>How</b><br/> In order to create the vast orchestral score for this project, I utilize the following tools: Sibelius 5 for composition, GigaStudio Orchestra for the sampler, Vienna Symphonic orchestra and Symphonic Choirs for the sounds and Cakewalk Pro 6 for final mixing and mastering. <p/> <b>When</b><br/> Download it now! <p/>

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Simply Amazing!!!

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