Get out your stakes and dust off your crushed velvet duster because it's vampires vs. slayers in the release of this class-based multiplayer Half-Life 2 mod. Slayers might possess a wide arsenal but it's never that easy to kill a vampire, as you'll need to stake them once they're down to finish them off forever. Please check out the official website for the latest and most up to date information.

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10 Alberto309

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10 RaptorXL

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10 Braindawg

Aug 13th, 2012

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8 stampp

Jul 15th, 2012

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10 VB

Jan 2nd, 2012

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10 Res

Oct 27th, 2011

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10 FiredFox3

Oct 26th, 2011

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8 PierdusssClaptrap

Mar 10th, 2011

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10 robroz

Feb 27th, 2011

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Dec 28th, 2010

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