Counter-Strike xtreme adds way more characters and weapons... Plus zombie mode and ghost mode ((: it completely changes the counter-strike experience... Enjoy!

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Best counter-strike mod i've seen... Adds sooooo many features! Lots of characters to choose from, lots of weapons, different gameplay options + bots! Just perfect! Download now if you didnt yet!

how to download it

Just another dumb and bugged regular counter strike with lame skins.

What i can say if if this wasnt a blatant ripoff of Counter Strike Offline NST Refresh Edition i would have liked it.
Unfortunatelly is a rippoff of another mod,it have some of the files of the mod in the install folder what a dissapointment.
And the worst thing is that they didnt bother to hide it,while CSO NST has everything made by themselves and have ported everything from counter strike online (is the best one because is like playing counter strike online even have the maps) this guys to not be noted just deleted the maps and used the default ones of any counter strike install.
The good thing is that you can always fin CSO NST Refresh somewhere.


Number one mod for cs 1.6 .

Wow. Omg This Game So Awesome. Can You Make More Weapon? I think those Weapon Are Not Enough For me :v

Wonderful mod. I loved it. I just wish the graphics and gameplay was more like Xtreme v7.

Great Counter-Strike Addon/Game!


this mod is really awesome :D


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