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Cortal introduces brand new mechanics focused on working with colors and color combining. You will be given chance to explore and solve 10 test chambers and proove that you can think with colors.

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I am getting VERY sick of these Portal 1 mods moving to the portal 2 engine. This completely destroys the originality of the mod, and this picture proves my point immensely.

I see no sign of new puzzle elements, and you removed the custom metal textures...

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I don't see how, if the creator of the mod decides "I like the Thermal Discouragement Beams and I want them in my mod." (Not that he/she did say that) Then, why not?

A test chamber is a test chamber and by the look of this picture a pretty damn good one at that. It's all about preference, The preference of the creator, the preference of the community, etc. More people play Portal 2 instead of Portal now. (Yes I prefer Portal 2 but for a great looking map/mod I'd go back to play Portal)

Besides it doesn't mean it "lacks originality" every test chamber is unique in it's own way. They all have different level layouts, ways to solve them and different amounts of detail. (Unless of course you just add something slightly new to a map already created by someone else)

I'm sure that some of the old tests will still be in this mod, so some Portal 1 styled maps may still make an appearance in this mod.

That is all, I am done.

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t3rmikxs Author

Yohoat9 - Thank you for your input. First of all - it is WIP. The textures are WIP as well. They might change, and we might decide to keep them.

For quite some time, there were issues with replacing Valve content (i know that didnt apply to textures)

Some of those Portal 2 elements you see were actually inspired by Portal 1 community content (for example omnicoder used forcefields as bridges, you couldnt portal them though) the laser fields were inspired by Portal : The flash version mappack also known as Portal: Still Alive on Xbox 360.

It would be foolish to just ignore everything Portal 2 offers, be it new puzzle elements, better lighting system or pretty much anything else. And don't worry, we have several ideas to make the p2 puzzle elements fit cortal pretty well, we're not going to use them in the same way they were used in Portal 2 (gels ;) ssshhh!)

That's all for now. Just stick for more and I promise that we will do our best to satisfy you.

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Okay, for one think I am very grateful that you replied in a mature and dignified manner, unlike whoever buried my comment and Mattey calling me stupid...

Anyway, I'm understand moving engines for these advantages, but the problem is that for SOME reason, don't ask me why, as I have no idea, but all Portal 2 mods using the default textures feel the same. This is NOT anything against you, because even I have a hard time finding a unique style using portal 2 resources. I don't know what it is, but portal 2 maps and mods tend to all have the same feeling to them.

I'm working on a mod called Escher Technologies, which is trying to break away from the current styles, and so far it's going pretty good. I just really hope you don't lose sight of what you originally had in mind, it was looking great...

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t3rmikxs Author

I do agree that the mods may all appear the same and like I said, I'm working with the textures, always open to try new ideas. I already have several texture based of the default ones providing a bit different look, but still trying of new ways to use lights and colors to my favor.
So the rule of a thumb should probably be "As long as you see WIP it may change a lot OR not appear in the game at all" :D
Thanks for understanding.

PS: This comment is also WIP

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This reminds me a lot of what people thought Portal 2 would look like; Different and random sized wall panels everywhere, along with small but tall test chambers.

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WIP preview, one of the chambers. WIP - lasers and AS platform are subject to change. ;)

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