This version focused on tweaking of 3.00, but has included some new things, complete change log is below... As another side note, I would just like to say this version is fantastic and I have tryed my hardest to remove any bugs! Cover plays a VITAL role, if your troops are in the open they will be uteraly destroyed, if they are in garrison or heavy or light cover, then enemy will be uteraly destroyed...USE COVER! COVER COVER COVER COVER COVER! I come to announce the end of a long road for Combat Revolution... This version is the final installment into the series for Company of Heroes... But never fear...for we are going to be modding COH: Opposing Fronts...the name of the mod will be "Combat Revoluion: The shattering of Countrys" However...Back to this version...I have focused on mainly tweaks and balancing in this version...there isnt many new things...but they make it much more playable... Complete Change log below... ~~~~~~ There is NO LITE version avalible *****************...

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