Celeritas Eos is an open world dark fantasy horror survival role playing mod for Neverwinter Nights.

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Just a little update for those wondering about what's going on with the release of EoTN.

Posted by KnightofEquulei on Feb 14th, 2013

I still remember the first day the idea of Celeritas Eos was first conceived. Originally the first entry into the series would have been a two part module featuring a female and male character whose paths would eventually cross. Subsequent modules would have featured custom characters and all of this was to be set in a similar dark medieval universe. This idea was scrapped and replaced with another which began its life under the project name "Creation" and this was to take place on the continent which is now known as Delphinus, which is ruled by women who are the dominant gender there. The protagonist would have been a male so you can imagine it would have been an interesting take on things. Unlike EoTN, this module was simply to feature a open world to explore and would have had an emphasis on The Emperor who slew the last dragon in the world. Nothing happened with this though, development stopped as soon as it started and the whole initial concept of a dark medieval setting was thrown away...

Until I decided to make a module initially based upon Castlevania. Originally, EoTN was simply to feature the city of Avue, a few surrounding areas in the countryside and the castle with the infamous vampire count to battle. The player would still be Lucia. The idea of creating a module inspired by Castlevania had long been in my head especially with another module - Gloria Ecclesia Templar which is still on hold - but I thought that since Celeritas Eos is to be a new IP, I might as well use all the other ideas such as the dark medieval setting. This later expanded and I found myself adding in survival elements and later firearms until the whole concept became unique on its own. One area developed added onto another until a whole world was born.

I've seen few modules/games which have the whole guns/swords thing and medieval knight vs zombies and originally that's what inspired me to make Celeritas Eos more horror/survival orientated than action orientated. However the haks for firearms conflicted with others (plus they were way overpowered) and survival elements such as eating and sleeping in the right places also caused difficulties especially since most of the world had already been made...

So both of these concepts were removed although remain in some way.

  • There are a type of firearms that can be found in the module. They function by the player using them as items.
  • There are limited potent potions. (Minor potions are infinite - as they're easy to make - but become quite useless as the player levels up)
  • Diseases need to be cured via potions or a visit to the doctor.
  • Inventory management is important.
  • Party management is important.
  • The death of a companion is permanent.
  • There are permanent negative effects.

The point I'm getting at is that the development of EoTN has seen a lot of ups and downs. It's been through many stages to get where it is today which I believe will provide the better experience than any of its other versions would have done. That brings me back to another part of EoTN...

Originally there was no prologue (or chapter 1). Lucia just begun in Eridanus on a road - drawing inspiration from another series I worked on - and from there could go where she wanted to although the journal filled in some of her history and ultimately directed her to the city of Avue. This has since changed. Now a prologue has been developed set on the continent of Polaris in the capital city of Espilon where Lucia lives with her second cousin Suriel in the slums. The slums are a criminal and plague infested area of the town that Lucia hopes to escape from and it is this section of the game that allows the player to build a background for Lucia and it also allows for three different ways to progress through the prologue. This is quite a content heavy section especially with what happens after the player leaves the city. So EoTN is back in development now...

"I know, I know, I hate me too, that little cur me constantly delaying things, I just don't seem to care for myself, it doesn't ever seem to have occurred to me that I might want to sit back one day, relax and just play-through EoTN but no, I am selfish and only care for myself while not caring for myself. In my idea of perfectionism I keep delaying EoTN but worry not people because I do intend to release it soon." ~ ~ Myself

Yeah you've probably realized I'm quite crazy by now when it comes to creating stuff. Heh, you guys should see my work on Crowley's Magnificent Adventure to see some of my most bizarre creations and characters at work.

In any case, there you have it.

On another note:


There were the original features of EoTN some months back. Funnily enough, some of it has changed since. While undead hunt people down in the wilds (they're attracted to the scent of blood so killing anything will attract any zombie within the area, this is one of my favorite part of the modules when you're a low level, in the forest and have 10 zombies coming at you from all directions) they don't turn them into zombies. Also, those rumors about The Emperor being a rapist? All lies. Well at least, there's now no longer anything in the mod suggesting he's a rapist but for all we know he could be but he could also be the heroic dragon slayer he was decades back (another change as he originally slayed the last dragon some months before EoTN).

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KnightofEquulei Author
KnightofEquulei Feb 14 2013, 8:00pm says:

You guys are impatient to play EoTN? So am I but I'm beginning to lose my patience completely because I want start work on the sequel which is simply going to be so amazing because of the story. You'll see.

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wombaciur Feb 15 2013, 12:59am replied:

Out of curiosity, what still needs to be polished in EotN?

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KnightofEquulei Author
KnightofEquulei Feb 15 2013, 10:59am replied:

+Main quests.
+Side quests.
+A few scripts here and there.
+Prologue and "Chapter I"

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wombaciur Feb 15 2013, 3:33pm replied:

I feel like repeating myself but keep up the good work.

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menatv Feb 15 2013, 3:22am says:

Of course I'm impatient to play. We gamers always want to play! :)

Seriously though, don't worry about mine or anyone else's impatience. Just release it when you think you are ready.

I had no idea this module (or modules, hopefully) went though so many changes. Sound like one idea morphed into another as you were getting more into it. All I know is what you have described in the latest iteration sounds very promising. Emperor being a rapist? Hmm. Wonder if my character might find out..the hard way, so to speak? :P

And how about zombie rapists? Ok, I am pushing it now. Ha!

Again, I thank you for all your hard work on this module. And for the continued updates. Don't worry about people out there essentially saying, "Waa..are we there yet!?" Or how much I whine. ;) You are the one who knows best when it is ready for us to play. Take your time.

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KnightofEquulei Author
KnightofEquulei Feb 15 2013, 10:57am replied:

I am actually a big fan of The Emperor. You have different theories on what he's doing in the game and my personal theory still has him as a hero. As you can guess now, The Emperor is one of those characters who doesn't appear (or he might do, you just don't know) but you hear much about him so you may reach a different conclusion about him than someone else.

With The Emperor, I've wrote about him where even I don't know what's true. I haven't decided on anything cannon with him so to speak and don't intend too.

Zombie rapist? I'm not sure zombies having sexual desires. The closest thing to that is a naked man and woman you encounter in a cave with a zombie (who is not attacking them) but the only dialogue you get from the man is "you're just in time for the feast!" Why they are naked and why the zombie isn't attacking them is anyone's guess but there are some crazy people in the world of EoTN that you'll encounter off of the beaten track.

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wombaciur Feb 15 2013, 3:35pm replied:

Zombies don't have sexual desires but they are always stiff so there you go ;)

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KnightofEquulei Author
KnightofEquulei Feb 15 2013, 6:25pm replied:

Zombies are always stiff?

I have a feeling we'll be hearing that again.

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Chaos_himself Feb 15 2013, 6:21am says:

I have to admit that the update I was expecting was the release of the mod but it's your mod so you will release it when you feel it's ready. I don't supose you want to say a new ETA, right? We'll stick with: Soon.... <zombie drooling while spying a girl on a misty forest>

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KnightofEquulei Author
KnightofEquulei Feb 15 2013, 11:00am replied:

Can't say.


In the meantime you'll just have to make-do with some character profiles I have planned.

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wombaciur Feb 16 2013, 6:32am replied:

Yeah, looking forward to it. The sooner somethng new comes along for all of us starved for new info, the better.

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jorvach Feb 15 2013, 7:00am says:

I'm very excited for the release, and hope it'll be soon! 'Been checking for updates daily (sometimes several times in one day)! But of course, like I said before, take all the time you need to make the module as awesome as you can! :D

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SummerKnight Feb 16 2013, 2:46am says:

so it's like Demonheart, there will be a prologue?
I was wondering about this crossover since you said before that they live in 4 different timelines, right?

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KnightofEquulei Author
KnightofEquulei Feb 16 2013, 12:20pm replied:

No, that was another module. In this module, the characters are each in different time periods but will never meet each other.

Actually EoTN is the prologue to what I consider one story. So the prologue being developed in EoTN makes it a prologue within a prologue.

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SummerKnight Feb 18 2013, 3:46am says:

I just saw all the latest images that you uploaded. It makes me wondering... there are no custom portraits for Lucia or the henchmen?

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KnightofEquulei Author
KnightofEquulei Feb 18 2013, 1:57pm replied:

Lucia has her own custom portrait. I just haven't used it yet. Companions? No.

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SummerKnight Feb 21 2013, 9:44pm says:

I was wondering about these:
Inventory management is important, Party management is important, and There are permanent negative effects.
Could you explain those a little bit more?

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KnightofEquulei Author
KnightofEquulei Feb 22 2013, 12:41am replied:

+Inventory: Potions serve an important use (and I'm not just talking about healing potions) and you'll need to make sure you have the right amount of potions stocked for journeys.

Carrying some antidotes around is certainly something that will assist you greatly especially since battles with undead/zombies can leave you and your party suffering from diseases. You'll also need to manage the inventory of your companions so that means adjusting their equipment with better stuff and giving them potions. Since the module doesn't feature high levels, equipment customization becomes more important. Also most potent potions are limited so you'll have to use them sparingly.

+Party: I briefly touched upon this in the inventory section. You'll need to manage their equipment and inventory but asides from that making sure you have the right party-setup can change encounters to your favor. You might find having two warriors and a bard in certain encounters is more favorable than say a paladin and two rogues. Managing tactics is also available.

+Permanent negative effects: Well an example of this is where you can get an ugly scar across your face which may lead some characters to think less of you or dismiss you as a brute. It also decreases your charisma in conversations.

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Guest Feb 23 2013, 7:02am says:

Dear Developers of Celeritas Eos,
thank you for puting so much effort and time in your module, what I've seen in your media (screenshots, videos, updates etc.)makes me wanting to play Neverwinter Nights again, especially in the case of a mature themed module.

One question, I've read that clerical magic in your setting is rare, so are there class restrictions for a playermade custom Lucia?

Keep up the good work and thank you.

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KnightofEquulei Author
KnightofEquulei Feb 23 2013, 6:50pm replied:

There are no class restrictions. By "rare" I mean that there are few characters/enemies who use magic and since this is a low level module you'll never develop an epic level character. As a magic-orientated character this means you won't have access to the best spells.

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Guest Feb 24 2013, 3:03am says:

This comment is currently awaiting admin approval, join now to view.

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