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Some miscellaneous information for Equilibrium of the Night + the FAQ.

Posted by KnightofEquulei on Jul 14th, 2013

Just some random information I've gathered about EoTN:

  • There are over 200 areas for the player to explore.
  • There are over 300 conversations.
  • 15 - 25 hours gameplay. (Although as the creator of most of the content in the mod it's normal for me to go through it fast as I know what's what and where's where. Someone playing for the first time might take longer and different play-styles might well mean that you could get more than 30 hours from the mod)
  • Six romanceable companions.
  • Bluff, persuade and intimidate can allow the PC to skip combat in several situations.
  • It's possible to beat the main quest without ever having to kill or engage in combat.
  • There are some side quests where the player can use stealth to sneak past guard patrols in a series of thief quests.
  • Girolamo's design is based off of Richter Belmont's design from Castlevania. Girolamo is also the middle name of Casanova which is a nod to Girolamo's promiscuity and love for women.
  • Rafael's design is based off of Garrett's design from the Thief series. Also the fact that he's a "freelance thief" is another nod to Garrett. That's where the similarities end however. Rafael has an eye for art and enjoys poetry which is so unlike the Master Thief...
  • Lucia can encounter four rapists. She can also become one herself...
  • Lucia will travel from Polaris to Eridanus. The player will play-through this section.
  • There are no cut scenes and no missing sections. The player plays through everything that Lucia witnesses.
  • Creatures may attack some towns. In Equilibrium of the Night the guards aren't just there for show or if the PC misbehaves. They're actually performing their job of defending the town-folk and you may occasionally see this. 


Q: If we get ideas during the play, are you open to doing additions to the module (assuming of course if you like said ideas and they fit the module)?
A: Perhaps especially if the demand is high enough but after Equilibrium of the Night releases most of my efforts will be focused on its sequel.

Q: Would you have anything against modifications to the mod?
A: Nope. Mod away. Make the protagonist male if you want. Turn Crowley into a woman if you wish. None of it matters to me.

Q: Will there be a walkthrough to guide players?
A: As the miscellaneous information above should tell you; Equilibrium of the Night is massive. I don't have the time to create a walkthrough unfortunately and I'd rather focus my efforts on its sequel. There will be a forum here however for questions to be asked and answered.

Q: How much sexual content?
A: Not much. It's descriptive enough so you know what's going to happen but that's where it ends. Fade out to black and animations do the rest (the later is deployed occasionally but not always depending on the scenario). Animations simply consist of kissing/hugging/laying and hugging/kissing but keep in mind that this can also be done in the nude and there is nudity in this mod. 

Q: Can I kill any NPC that I wish to?
A: You can kill anyone. Companions, children, the old and infirm, main quest characters. Everyone! If you want to create a true chaotic evil character then Equilibrium of the Night will not stop you. But be prepared for consequences. The main quest is also still beatable should you kill the important quest characters but be prepared to go to the end region in ignorance and suffer plot-wise and gameplay-wise for it. Killing children will also inevitably lead to some knights and angry parents hunting you down. Knights are pretty high-level too so you may regret a rampage through a village/town. This leads me to another point, massacring an entire village will not go unnoticed... 

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menatv Jul 15 2013, 5:05am says:

Sounds utterly fantastic! Wouldn't mind more sexual content. ;) But I'm sure if I'd never be satisfied anyway. :P But anyway, this module really sounds extremely lifelike and immersive. I wondered if I'd ever see another NWN that could draw you in to it's world. This looks to be that kind of module. Can't wait to play it! Thanks again for your hard work and updates for us.

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Estarc Jul 15 2013, 11:17am says:

Sounds good. You do a good job of stoking excitement, I'll give you that.

Rapist PC was both amusing and unsettling. Pretty sure that's some content I won't be seeing, but turnabout is fair play as they say.

Hope the creature attacks aren't too overpowering. Would suck for the guards to get a string of bad rolls and lose the town. Still, an interesting feature to be sure.

It is good of you to allow people to mod your stuff after you poured so much time and energy bringing it to life. I think I'd be a little less open to the idea if I made a massive mod/campaign like this.

Glad to hear the sex question answered. Might just be my interpretation, but sounds like how I wish professional RPGs approached sex. No need to try your hand at hardcore or nothing, but it should be alright to market games to adults that include sex. Maybe those same people who believe violent games make killers believe sex in games would lead to promiscuity? That'd be a lark.

Thanks for all your hard work.

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KnightofEquulei Jul 15 2013, 4:22pm replied:

1. Next to killing children it's one of the evilest acts in the mod and any good NPC's in your part will turn against you.

2. The guards are pretty powerful to handle any creatures that come their way and they heal too. Creatures won't kill them. Of that you can be assured. In one "creature-ravaged" city however the guards (actually soldiers fighting a war) respawn.

3. Doubt anyone would anyway but it would be interesting to see if people did and what they would change.

4. There's actually a fair few encounters. The "not much" actually meant it's not hardcore as you speak of. I know authors like to be all descriptive with these encounters to the point where it's like one of the main features. In EoTN it's not and the sexual content can be completely avoided.

There's no mandatory rape scenes either. The worst part of some "mature NWN modules" is that they throw in a rape to the point where I always expect it when playing a "female protagonist mature adult NWN mod" this is not the case in EoTN.

As this news report says. Rape can occur but can completely be avoided and doesn't happen "no matter what" either. Other NWN modules have covered this topic extensively too so it's become generic for me. I think the racism Lucia can encounter for having a black parent is much more interesting.

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SummerKnight Jul 16 2013, 8:40am says:

Wow...it sounds fantastic!

1. More areas the better...

2. I'd like to try all those conversations (if I have the time, or because I play it too many times just like I did with ADWR)

3. I'm sure it's gonna take longer for me to finish the mod. I'm a slow gamer.

4. That sounds fun. Can Lucia end up with all 6 of them? Or just one?

5. I don't really like combat because it's too 'mainstream'. I'll use those skills for sure.

6. Yup, my kind of mod.

7. Roguish quests? I'm in!

8. Girolamo is one of the companion, ya? I never played Castlevania so it won't matter to me anyway.

9. Same with the Thief Series, but I'm sure they're great. I was wondering if you would make a character based on Ezio, lol.

10. Four rapists? It's horrible in real life, but in an adult mod, they could be intriguing. I'll try those four, hope I don't miss them.

11. So it's linear? Others complain all the time when a mod is linear, but to me it doesn't matter, if it's good then it is good. Just as simple as that.

12. Just like first person point of view? It's fun. It could built emotional connection between players and Lucia.

13. Some fights once in a while are very welcome, although I prefer the 'diplomatic' way.

I really hope there will be a walkthrough written by others if you're not up for it. I'm a really slow player, I don't like puzzles or getting confused when playing a mod. Lol.

C'mon, the sexual contents are always the main attractions one could expect in an adult mod. I'll try all those sexual contents provided. Hopefully I don't miss any of them.

Killing children? Good luck to all the chaotic evil characters, I'm sure they're gonna have so much fun! But for me, killing children is never gonna be an option, my character will never go that far. The 'slutty' thing is a different option, though... :D

So... will pregnancy become of the consequences for all those pillow plays? Or will there be a way to prevent it or what?

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KnightofEquulei Jul 16 2013, 9:08am replied:

4. Lucia can end up in a love-triangle (well lust actually) with three of the more open-minded characters. (Girolamo, Lilith and Zeph) This means you can be romancing all three of them and they don't care because it's an open-relationship.

8. It shouldn't matter to anyone lol. It's just a little trivia on him.

9. Just some more trivia lol.

11. No! No! What? Who said it was linear? Did Crowley say that? You shouldn't believe him. He's a drunk and upset that Equilibrium of the Night doesn't feature him as the protagonist. It's open world remember? With a non-linear plot and multiple ways to finish quests. What I meant was that Lucia travels from Polaris to Eridanus and the player will board a boat to do this. It's completely non-linear still.

Puzzles: For reference there are no puzzles. Save puzzles for games like Tomb Raider, Legacy of Kain and Castlevania if you ask me. I don't play RPG's for them.

Sexual Content: Well in that case you'll find enough and you can use sex and seduction to get through many side quests if that's how you're role-playing.

Pregnancy: No pregnancy in EoTN I'm afraid. But pregnancy is a major sub-plot in the sequel where the protagonist can have their own child.

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Guest Jul 16 2013, 12:55pm says:

very interesting indeed! But the big question is: When EotN will be released? :P

Thank you for your hard work RadiantLoneWolf, can't wait to play it!!!

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KnightofEquulei Jul 16 2013, 5:04pm replied:

When it's done...

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