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Just reaching out to the community with a few questions.

Posted by KnightofEquulei on Dec 3rd, 2012

Equilibrium of The Night was always envisioned as a module which would be drawing upon heavy feedback from the NWN community so just as asked questions over on the BSN so will I do so here again. The questions will concern features of EoTN. Things which can still be modified and added. So here goes...

  • What would you prefer more? More quests or more areas to explore?
  • Would you prefer descriptive sexual scenes over non-descriptive? (If descriptive would *you* be willing to write them? Cos if that's what the community wants I'll need someone to write such. Preferably female simply due to the female perspective - Lucia)
  • What's your preferred play-style? Fighting to get what you need or going through conversation and using the skills (either during or out) to get things done?
  • What would you desire from future modules in this series? More of the same or some of the same but new concepts and elements too?
  • Would you prefer pre-set characters in future mods or custom characters?
  • If pre-set characters then would you like to be able to name at least their first name?

And as always I'll be answering questions myself. One question that often comes up is the release date and I'll go into topic about that below:

So when's the release date?

Well I originally did say the ETA was late November but we're past that and everything went quiet for a few weeks. In truth I lost motivation and real life stuff came up which kept me away from Celeritas Eos for days at a time (although I was still working on it whenever I got the chance). However my motivation has reinitialized again and I have progressed considerably development wise with only a few more tidbits to do here and there before the mod enters its testing stage (which is also occurring simultaneously as I develop). EoTN has actually become much bigger from what I had originally envisioned and the fan-base that suddenly formed changed everything. People didn't want a 6 hour adventure set in a grim world, they wanted a dark adventure that would last for even longer. Currently I can't say the exact length but it takes 6-7 hours to explore everything if one was to run past every enemy which isn't even possible. Obviously the 40-50 quests (my memory eludes me so it's a rough guess, some plots aren't even listed in the journal but I myself would consider them quests, I refer to encounters, kinda like the encounters in Baldur's Gate where there was something interesting occurring in every region in the game) and 200+ conversations are excluded from this. My rouge estimation is that everything would take 15-20 hours to complete and that's excluding the branching plots which require one to replay.

But here I am wondering off-topic, so to answer the original question, I think the release should be some time before Christmas but that's not set in stone and could change. I would love to get this mod released this year but obviously my priority is making sure it's playable, bug-free (or as close as one can be), fun and polished.

Finally to end this little article of mine: I would like to thank the community for all their suggestions and support because without you all, Equilibrium of The Night wouldn't have turned into the little gem that I believe it is. I have great fun playing it and I hope you all do too.

And forgive me guys but the government of Polaris pretty much forced me to post this...

Don't know if that's true or not but there you have it...

Don't look at me like that. I needed the funding...

*Sighs* shameless advertising...what will they think of next?

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menatv Dec 3 2012, 6:09am says:

1. No preference here. Both can be interesting. I guess quests are nice in that you feel you are affecting events in the world you're playing in. Though my guess is more quests = more work for your team, er uh, yourself. :)

2. Definitely prefer descriptive scenes. Even prefer those descriptive scenes over sexual animations. Similar to ADWR when the "fade to black" starts and descriptions of scenes ensues. So I definitely like it when I read about what is happening to my female character during some sort of intimate scene. However, I am not female (even though I play one in roleplaying games..hehe), so I am not sure I am qualified then to write said intimate scenes.

3. Play style for me is I'd rather use skills/wits to get around encounters. Maybe even sexually if I have to. I'd like to use fighting as a last resort. A failed skill check, for instance. I like to play thief-type characters a lot, so I prefer sneaking. But when that doesn't work, I also don't mind picking up a blade and going at it.

4. Hard to answer this one in that I haven't played this module yet. So it's difficult to know if I want more of the same or not. :) But generally, I like mystery, intrigue, having a sense of purpose in the world (if not in a "save the universe" sort of way), and a sense of realism involved. Like bad things happen regardless of how powerful a character might be. I like an non consensual scene or two for my character. Just a vague overview of what I like, I suppose.

5. I prefer to make my own characters. Preset ones I suppose are "okay". But from then on I would like to modify stats/choose classes on what I feel works best for me. I usually play a "Mena" or "Jennifer" in my roleplaying games. But you have it setup for "Lucia" and that's still fine. I can work with that. Just that I typically like to have my experience levels used the way I want them to be. Hopefully that will be an option.

Just MY personal choices.

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Estarc Dec 3 2012, 7:02am says:

1. More quests would probably be more interesting. Depends on the engine of course, exploration would be way better in something like Skyrim, but for Aurora, quests.

2. I prefer descriptive scenes. I lack the ability to write them though.

3. Depends on the module. I tend to rofl stomp everything with a fighter/rogue/shadow dancer hybrid in NWN1 modules, usually bolstered by a selection of awesome equipment. Since that won't be an option here, rather rely on my skills. Having the conversation skills play a big role is always good, and I really enjoyed use of the rogue skills in other modules.

4. Custom characters. Lucia seems like an alright character, but if you were to settle on a character I don't like for the next, I might not play it. Still, if set characters are significantly easier to design, then I'd settle for it.

5. I always thought that having everyone call the protagonists of Mass Effect and Dragon Age 2 by their last name, even their closest friends and lovers, was retarded. If you go with set characters, give 'em a first name.

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KnightofEquulei Author
KnightofEquulei Dec 3 2012, 3:09pm replied:

5. Well if there was to be a set last name for another character, there wouldn't be any NPC's calling your character by that name, they would use the first instead as there's no spoken dialogue. Kinda like how Dragon Age: Origins did it where the last name might pop up only in a few dialogues or places.

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Estarc Dec 4 2012, 10:16am replied:

Ah, of course. Been playing to much of the aforementioned games lately, and not enough NWN! In that case, I'd probably prefer to be able to choose the first name, even if the last name is set. It is not a big deal, however.

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Guest Dec 3 2012, 9:28am says:

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Chaos_himself Dec 3 2012, 1:52pm says:

- I prefer quests and good designed areas to many areas and/or enconters.
- Descriptive would be better but I do realize that finding people to write them is dificult. I'm not one of the few people who can write them sorry. I'd prefer a fade to black than "pixel bumping". The best IMHO is a mix like in Dragon Claw Inn ( Nwvault.ign.com ) but it sounds like hard work. Nothing to delay a module's first version over!
- Usually I prefer skill/coversation to hack and slash. I do like to have the option to "crush some skulls" in the conversation though.
- Would have to play the game to suggest stuff for the sequels. Seems great so far!
- I would prefer custom characters. No problem with some parts of their background being set: ie: Must have human blood or comes from noble family and stuff like that.
- It would be nice to name preset characters I suppose... not a big plus or minus. Custom characters would be better.

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Guest Dec 3 2012, 10:09pm says:

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Guest Dec 3 2012, 10:26pm says:

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wombaciur Dec 4 2012, 11:19am says:

What would you prefer more? More quests or more areas to explore?

More quests. I prefer much happening in every area instead of having many areas to wander through. That's why I didn't like Tortured Hearts II - there were many areas you had to go through but not that much happening in them. Also I believe creating new areas can be more taxing than introducing new quests. From what I've seen in the movies/screens art direction is good so I would like to have them more populated.

Would you prefer descriptive sexual scenes over non-descriptive?

Definetely descriptive with possible fade to black ADWR-style. All those mature modules with sex-pack animations are kind of silly - I'd rather have my own imagination paint a picture of what is happening instead of watching a low-poly scene that sometimes might just look silly. ADWR has its flaws but description of sex scenes were one of its highest points.

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KnightofEquulei Author
KnightofEquulei Dec 4 2012, 8:36pm replied:

Sex animations was never an option. The options were always either descriptive or simple fade to black.

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wombaciur Dec 4 2012, 11:24am says:

What's your preferred play-style? Fighting to get what you need or going through conversation and using the skills (either during or out) to get things done?

I'm a min-maxer so I guess both approaches suit me. NWN engine is quite of clunky in its presentation so I'd rather lean towards skill based approach. And if advancing in a level (especially in low-level module) might enable you to win some impossible fights, I'd like to have the same for skill based approach. Obviously - the more experience you have, the higher some skills are but I'd like to have another mechanics as well, e.g. if you are a vampire hunter, you might gain some advantages while fighting them, if you kill more and more of them, the advantages increase - sort of like ranger's favoured enemy.

What would you desire from future modules in this series? More of the same or some of the same but new concepts and elements too?

More of the same, I guess but with tracking additional experiences like how many vampires you hunted, how many sexual intercourses you had to allow for to undertake some more demanding sexual acts, how many times you sucked blood as a vampire so that you have a higher craving MotB style etc.

Would you prefer pre-set characters in future mods or custom characters?

Definetely pre-set. It allows for tighter narrative although I would like it to be restricted to gender/last name only.

If pre-set characters then would you like to be able to name at least their first name?


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Lovelamb Dec 9 2012, 8:25pm says:

Hi, I've been lurking a bit, ever since I saw your modules announced on the BioWare forums. I'm building a module myself, so I don't have much time for playing, but I plan to give your module a try.

Quests or areas - I like it when something happens in each area. I go there because I'm on a quest, but then I run into some people or get another quest. No aimless exploration.

Descriptive sexual scenes or fade to black - I've played many Baldur's Gate romance mods and I assume having the descriptions is the default if you're writing a romance (even though not all BG mods have them - Edwin romance didn't and it was probably better that way - trust me, I could imagine it :D). I'm having a hard time writing as many scenes as I need for my module, though. There are only so many ways to describe that stuff.

I've seen men write decent sexual encounters for women, but they have a way of spoiling them by telling me that my character is (for no reason, without any feelings) suddenly eager to do something that would be very painful in real life. Because she is like a mechanized porn actress. And all women like sodomy.

Skills or fighting - I like a mix of fighting and conversations/skills, but I've been known to lose my patience and smash things.

Pre-set or custom characters in future modules - It would be easier for you to at least pre-determine the gender of the main character. Almost every game has insulted me by calling my female character a male at least once and having about 50 males who don't recognize her charms and treat her as a brutish goon. I could play a male or a female and I'd like to see gender-specific action. What really bothers me is when I can't play the alignment I want. If I'm going to play a male character, he has to be evil. Pre-set for a good male? Skip.

Being able to give my character a first name of my choice is good, but if you have a reason for it to be pre-set, that's fine also.

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