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The latest news about this survival-horror-action-RPG + take part in a special Halloween competition and design a quest for Equilibrium of The Night.

Posted by KnightofEquulei on Oct 28th, 2012

This is the third news report for Celeritas Eos Equilibrium of The Night which is an open world survival-horror-action-RPG for those of you are still unacquainted with this mod. In this report we will be discussing more of the features of Equilibrium such as the party system, quests and the reputation and traits system. There is also a competition where you can design your very own quest which appear in the mod if it's good enough. First things first though...

The Party System:

Equilibrium of The Night is very party-orientated as we've been through before and although you can solo the adventure it would be a rather hard challenge indeed. Your party set-up is very important as each of the 20 companions each have their own unique skills and services to offer and asides from that, each companion has their own goals, morals and personality which may or may not conflict with yours or each others. Party conflicts could arise should you ignore who is your party and this can even lead to companions leaving you or betraying you. Set up the right party and you could find two companions romancing each other, set up the wrong and you'll end up with a conflict on your hands where two companions might fight each other to the death. Companions will comment on many things and react to you and even react to each other.
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Companions do talk to one another.

Equilibrium of The Night is a very challenging experience. Most enemies are encountered in groups and have their own tactics, resistances, attacks and weaknesses and to make sure that you stay at the top you will need to plan strategies and use tactics in the heat of battle to win the day. Up to three companions are allowed in your party.

Smarter enemies may ambush you.


There are three types of quest in Equilibrium: main quests, side quests and sub-plot quests. Main quests - as their namesake suggest - involve the main story behind the mod and completing them progresses you through the non-linear story. Side quests are minor short quests accepted from various NPC's and might involve going into a zombie-infested house to save a noble (who you can choose to kill and rob once you rescue him). In another example, you are hired to kill two women who the city watch want dead for a "terrible crime." When you find the women it turns out that their crime is that they're lesbians and how you deal with them now is entirely up to you. Sub-plot quests are longer quests which either end up expanding into a chain or quests or simply have a long story (and often long back story). Sub-plot quests usually impact the world and also give Lucia reputation somewhere.

Quests normally have multiple outcomes based on your actions.

Reputation and Traits:

The Reputation system is one of the universe features of Celeritas Eos. This system isn't your ordinary reputation system where you gain points and your reputation increases based on those points. In this system you gain different reputations for different deeds. Save a village and you will become known as the savior of that village not only by the villagers (whose tavern will now offer you free drinks and potions) but by those who have visited it. Give to the poor and you will become known as generous (which will lead to some kind hearted characters to respect and help you). Participate in the torture of innocents and you will become known as the scourge of a certain area which will also lead to certain characters coming to hunt you down. Not all reputations in one playthrough can be gained as certain reputations will lock you out from gaining another, for example, you cannot be known as both righteous and evil at the same time nor can you be known as a vampire hunter when you are one yourself. The reputation system generally impacts how NPC's view you and react to you and can often open up new solutions to quests or even lead you to new quests.

Some reputations may contain negative aspects but can still prove to be beneficial.
Traits are different from reputation in that are literal character traits which can impact how you interact with characters. You might pick up a scar across your face somehow that will make you seem tougher to some characters (leading to new dialogue options) and will lead other characters to be wary of you.

Well that concludes the new updates for today.

Now onto the competition:

With Halloween coming up I thought it would be nice to have a little contest. All you have to do is design a quest. The quest can be about anything really but it must stay true to the setting so nothing too magical (because the setting is low-magic) and nothing futuristic. Celeritas Eos is a module aimed at adults and thus the quest itself could be of a mature nature and could handle a variety of subjects such as sexuality, religion, sexism and even racism. Or you could just do something really fun and design a weird and wacky quest involving meeting a crazy old hermit in the woods. Whatever tickles your fancy really. All you need to do is write a summary for your quest. User wombaciur has already given an idea for a quest so join in!

Thus concludes today's report.

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menatv Oct 31 2012, 4:56am says:

Don't know if this is the place or not to comment on a mod. And since I have like ZERO modding experience, I doubt if I will be of much help.

This is more like a general overview/outline of a quest.

Was thinking along the lines of the main female character (myself) investigating rumors of some sort of mysterious secret cult in the area. She (myself or with the group) go to the area. We get split up somehow if I do travel with the party. As I would sneak and explore around the castle/cave/dungeon area, I would get ambushed. Either captured or knocked out or otherwise rendered unconscious.

I would be held or restrained or tied up and the leader would explain that I would be their newest "recruit". This person could just be a demented charismatic sort of leader, or some kind of mythical creature like a Lich, Vampire, Mindflayer, etc. And the cult would be some sort of club which worships or values sexuality above all else. And perhaps the act of sex or sexual activity would be (in his/her mind) the thing which feeds him and/or gives him his life's energy.

He/she/members of said cult would try to "recruit" me by either molesting me there, or taking me to another place there and tied/restrained while hands and fingers and (who knows what else) would be touching, feeling, molesting my body until I can't take it anymore and give in (or resist, depending on stats/strength of me at the time). Or just raped and the act itself would be cheered on and be the culmination of the ceremony which would further give power to the leader/creature of the cult.

If I am with a party, the same thing could be happening to them in other areas of the place.

Anyway, just a quick and dirty (pun intended) review of something I thought of as some sort of side quest.


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KnightofEquulei Author
KnightofEquulei Nov 1 2012, 8:49am replied:

Sounds good to me. There's actually two occasions so far where Lucia can be raped (although companions can save her in one instance if she fails to resist) and added more instances would only go to say how dangerous the world is.

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SummerKnight Nov 1 2012, 5:16am says:

I second the quest above. Looks interesting. The more the sexual encounters the better lol.

+2 votes     reply to comment
SummerKnight Nov 1 2012, 8:31pm says:

I have an idea or two for a quest, I hope it's not too late to submit. The quest could be named 'Dear Father'

At the beginning of the game, Lucia was living with her old father in a small house at the abandoned and poor farm. That is why one day she decided to leaver her home in finding better life.

Later, when Lucia got money already by doing a lot of quests, she could have a choice in sending some money to her father back in the farm. Maybe by giving the money to an old friend that was travelling to the farm, etc. Lucia has the option to send small amount of money, big amount of money, or nothing at all.

Later in the game, Lucia can come back home for a while, and the situation of the farm would be based on the money she sent from earlier time.

1) If she sent nothing at all, her father died already. The farm is overrun by zombies, and her father is one of the zombies.
2) If she sent small amount of money, her father died already, but all the money she has sent before was kept by his father all this time, and would be given to Lucia by a neighbor or childhood friend. The reason her father kept the money because her father wanted to make sure she is provided, should she decides to retire someday.
3) If she sent big amount of money, her father still lives, living in a comfy house and the farm is very productive. Not only Lucia has made her father's life better, she also has made all the people living around the farm prosper from it too.

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KnightofEquulei Author
KnightofEquulei Nov 2 2012, 1:40pm replied:

Sounds good but Lucia's parents are dead (their deaths? You'll have to play the mod to find out) so naturally such a quest wouldn't be able to be implemented.

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Vidalaac Nov 2 2012, 9:24am says:

One of the things I notice looking at the screenshot showing Lucia at the brothel is that it appears her whole stay is described in the text... that is not necessarily bad, but it would be more entertaining to have some quests that might deal with her learning of the new skills needed to work there. Since this is an adult mod and she is working in a brothel, the "learning to enjoy sex" and "finding ways to please your clients" could be turned into mini-quests, using Lucia's choices as a starting point as Valine has done in A Dance with Rogues.

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KnightofEquulei Author
KnightofEquulei Nov 2 2012, 1:38pm replied:

Her stay for the first month is described there but after that you get to operate outside of the complex and have quests relating to being a prostitute outside.

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