Celeritas Eos is an open world dark fantasy horror survival role playing mod for Neverwinter Nights.

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The sun is finally setting and the night draws near...

Posted by KnightofEquulei on Mar 8th, 2013

In development since August 2012 Equilibrium of The Night is releasing soon. This is good news to many of you of that I am sure but it's even better news for me as it means I get to initiate the development of the sequel soon afterwards. Now with this said there's little more to say on this matter so I'll just reveal some new information about the mod...

Equilibrium of The Night has a major emphasis on role-playing, dialogue and companions but there's a fair bit of fighting as well (although you avoid many fights if you desire either via simply using stealth to get past enemies or speaking your way out of conflicts). In the mod there are two unique locations for the player to adventure to. The first is a necropolis where you might discover the following letter upon a dead knight:

"The creature moved in a rhythm and slaughtered my entire company before I could react. It then retreated into its dark abyss just as fast as it had appeared from there. Why it never attacked me I cannot say but now I lie here wounded from my encounter with several vampires who I slayed one by one. However there is no rejoicing to be had on my part as they struck me a mortal wound and I am sure to succumb to death soon. 

I write this letter in hope that whoever discovers it - along with my corpse - will be a man of faith and a better warrior than I who will be able to vanquish the evil within this accursed place. I feel my life slipping away and so I shall set down my pen and have a final rest. When I awake I shall be before God who will judge me according to my actions in this life. I only hope that I've done him proud...."

                                The necropolis is a dark place devoid mostly of light.

As you venture further down into the necropolis (that's if you can get past the dangers lurking within) you'll come upon more fallen warriors each with their own story to tell and the deeper you delve, the more sinister the stories become....

The necropolis is one of the largest "dungeons" in the mod and forms a vast underground network. The secrets and treasures you'll discover within are unique as are the enemies you will encounter down there. However before you get to the non-linear part of the necropolis you must first descend down which is no easy task and of course once you have what you came for you may find that you have forgotten the way out (and I'm not just saying this as some sort of developer's description, the necropolis is designed for you to get lost which by itself drove many of the knights who ventured within to insanity along with the horrors that lurk down there).
                          Knights have been driven insane by the evil within the necropolis.
The enemies within the necropolis are quite unique and specific to it. You will not encounter them anywhere else which is testament to the evil lurking within. You can expect to encounter your typical undead enemies such as ghouls and few vampires but they are not the creatures that make people fear the necropolis...

The other unique area in the game is a large region within the wilds of the mountains of the north. Rumors say that beyond the territory of the vampires there exists an ancient city of an ancient civilization that no longer exists and that within this city there lies weapons and armor which would prove instrumental in defeating the evil from Castle Lox Avue. Many knights have set out on the task to discover this lost city but none have returned.

Also within this large wild region is said to exist the lost caverns of a famed scientist who existed centuries back and developed steampunk technology for the then king before retreating to the mountains. Contemporary scientists reckon that such technology could still exist intact within these caverns but the trick is finding these caverns and then getting past the numerous vampires that stalk the icy wilderness of the north...

                     I hope this keeps you all intrigued until Equilibrium of The Night releases.

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wombaciur Mar 9 2013, 12:50pm says:

Congrats on nearing the finish line! I'm also quite shocked with the pace you and the rest of the crew set up. Having a mod of such a scale almost ready after about 6 months of development speaks volumes of your skills and dedication.

Regarding Necropolis - I'm quite thrilled about it. When I first saw the screenshots, I thought the name "Necropolis" was too big of a name for "some place where undead lurk". But reading this article it might be a fitting name indeed.

Can't wait to try the mod myself.

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KnightofEquulei Mar 9 2013, 1:07pm replied:

Crew? One person more like. At least as far as developing is concerned. I had some quests designed by another member on the team and several characters have been created by two of them as well. This assistance was from ShenraiIarnehs and Framinguru.

The level of work Celeritas Eos has is mainly down to us working on different projects. Crowley's Adventure has been in development since July 2011. So that's 20 months (nearly two years!) and it still hasn't been released yet. Three of us have taken turns to work on that one but since Celeritas Eos EoTN was initially meant to be a side project I set up for myself most of the work on it has been my own.

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wombaciur Mar 9 2013, 4:24pm replied:

In that case more credit for you! With NWN mods it is usually like that, though. It is a one-man effort with some small side help from other people. Perhaps the reason for such a situation is most if not all of the assets are already made in NWN so it comes down to writing a story, interactions, creating items and quests. Nevertheless for one person to make a mod which can provide a few or more hours of gameplay is a LOT of work so let me congratulate you on that.

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cherubian Mar 10 2013, 5:54am says:

I just stumbled upon this module now by pure coincidence, and from what I have seen so far it seems fortunate that I did. As an additional bonus it will be out soon, so no long and eager waiting phase, either.

One thing I am curious about, though, and I was not able to find that information anywhere. You mention that the player's character is predefined. To what extent is that, just name and backstory or everything down to class, attributes, skills and feats?

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KnightofEquulei Mar 10 2013, 11:42am replied:

Name and backstory. However most parts of the backstory are determined on the player's responses.

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wombaciur Mar 10 2013, 1:08pm says:

Nitpicking : "Rumors say that beyond the territory of the vampires there exists an ancient city of an ancient civilization that no longer exists and that within this city there lies weapons and armor which would prove instrumental in defeating the evil from Castle Lox Avue. "

English is not my 1st language so I'm not sure about repeating "exists" in the sentence - it might look awkward unless the text is not in the game but just in the news post. However, if there are leftovers of some ancient civilization, wouldn't it mean that Castle Lox Avue is even more ancient if there are weapons and armor that are instrumental in defeating evil that lies in the castle? ;-)

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KnightofEquulei Mar 10 2013, 3:13pm replied:
Quote:English is not my 1st language so I'm not sure about repeating "exists" in the sentence - it might look awkward unless the text is not in the game but just in the news post.

That's right it's just for the article. The only dialogue from the module is the example in italics and commas. I'm not exactly going to write an English essay for a quick news report so I'm just rushing writing the articles here.

Quote: However, if there are leftovers of some ancient civilization, wouldn't it mean that Castle Lox Avue is even more ancient if there are weapons and armor that are instrumental in defeating evil that lies in the castle? ;-)

The armors and weapons within that ancient city are quite powerful so naturally they would "prove instrumental" in defeating the evil within Castle Lox Avue rather than being fully instrumental. There are also some very unique items to be found there but I won't spoil anything by mentioning what they are. You'll simply have to adventure there and find out by yourself. ;D

Oh and I just tested the necropolis. I and my party got slaughtered and this was at LV 5. I even got slaughtered within there as a higher LV 8 character. The highest level in the module you can reach so far is somewhere above 10 but below 15 (I can't make an accurate statement here as I've recently changed the EXP gain system meaning you receive less EXP from killing enemies).

Of course I had run out of potions while adventuring within there which just goes to show once again that you need to prepare for encounters in this mod. I have never tried solo-ing this module but now I'm even more anxious to do so.

Also need I mention that the necropolis is accessible for LV 2 characters? Going at that level would make the challenges within all the more harder but if you actually manage to defeat some of the enemies within you could leave with some higher level equipment which would help you for the next few hours at least.

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wombaciur Mar 10 2013, 5:32pm says:

I like the idea of being able to go anywhere if you find a way to get to such places. It reminds me of Gothic games.

The balancing of experience gained from fights is always difficult but if there aren't that many trash mobs I'd suggest thinking about giving a lot of exp for some very difficult enemies. What I didn't like in some higher level modules (e.g. HotU) is you got like 2000 XP for killing some demon that was quite difficult to beat. On the other hand his minions were very easy to beat and you had 400 XP for each kill so you killed 5 easy enemies and got the same XP as for killing the boss which was absurd.

I'm all for having very little experience for trash mobs that don't pose that much of a threat but if there are some difficult unique enemies, the reward (apart from the equipment) should reflect that.

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KnightofEquulei Mar 10 2013, 6:15pm replied:

EXP is decided based on the slider as well as the enemy level. There's a fair bit of EXP to be gained from killing enemies but the majority of it comes from completing quests.

Boss type enemies drop some unique equipment so that's an added reward.

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wombaciur Mar 11 2013, 5:55am replied:

Yeah, although I hope the enemies don't have weapons markes as undroppable. What I didn't like in official NWN campaigns was after killing some enemies their bodies disappear so you couldn't loot them even if you saw they had some fancy swords or something. Another problem with undroppable weapons is if you use disarm, their weapon is destroyed instead of being dropped on the ground.

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KnightofEquulei Mar 11 2013, 11:27am replied:

Most enemies leave loot-able bodies especially ones with enhanced equipment but for some there's no point since they just wield plain weapons.

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Guest Mar 11 2013, 9:54am says:

This comment is currently awaiting admin approval, join now to view.

KnightofEquulei Mar 11 2013, 11:35am replied:

Well yes you're not forced to go down into it. In fact there's several warning signs telling you *not* to venture within and it's accessible at an early point in the game too so those not heading the warnings will get slaughtered.

But it's an open world and the world I'm designing doesn't simply just feature areas and regions designed for Lucia and her party to venture in and own everything. The world I've designed is meant to be a living breathing world so naturally there should be dangers that the player might not even be able to triumph over (at least at early levels, unprepared and solo) but of course most of these challenging places are optional. The wilds for example can be reached by travelling off of the path and it's there that you'll encounter stronger and more enemies (naturally) but you're not forced and the rewards for exploring areas away from the roads are normally better than what you'll find if you just stuck to them.

There's only one other dungeon in the game that is non-linear. The rest are meant to resemble natural cave formations so you just go in and there's your area (or two) so there's no chance of getting lost.

I hope I haven't made EoTN sound too hard. It's full of challenges but I think it's equal to the difficulty in the official original Bioware campaign with some optional challenging encounters and bosses for those who want the extra difficulty.

Hell I'm betting some people won't even find the entrance to the necropolis.

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wombaciur Mar 11 2013, 11:54am replied:

That's good. I don't like games which require grinding and going back and forth a lot but on the other hand I like to be challenged because otherwise there is not a lot to playing a game. If the game treats you fair (e.g. Necropolis - warnings all over the place not to go there, so you can't complain if you find yourself out of your league) and not like an idiot, it's all good.

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Guest Mar 12 2013, 12:03pm replied:

I think you may have misunderstood me, I don't mind challenging places, I'm literally scared of getting lost and frustrated, because it happens to me quite often in RPG games. I've given up on Witcher 2 precisely because of that - poor map and the wilderness looks the same, so I literally spent hours just finding my way around. Of course the most important aspect is that I can play games only so much every day due to other commitments, so I tend to give up when I can't find my way around easily. I feel really bad when I find an hour to devote to a good rpg, and then lose half of that time wandering around, thinking is this the same route I took two days which led nowhere and whether I should go back and take the northern door...

It's my problem of course, not yours. You shouldn't create modules based on how much spare time someone has, but how you envisioned them, so please don't take my complaint the wrong way.

It's the first thing that I read about EoTN that I didn't like so I commented on it. Funny thing how I didn't praise you earlier but commented for the first time on the first thing I didn't like. I should have praised your work earlier, and I'm sorry about that - Thanks for the effort, keep up the great work and know that quite a few people are very excited about what you're creating.

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KnightofEquulei Mar 12 2013, 4:41pm replied:

Well in that case I don't think you will have anything to worry about. With the necropolis - maybe - but that's a optional place. You shouldn't really get lost when exploring the world because there's map notes, signs and paths pretty much telling you what is what and where is where.

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Vidalaac Mar 12 2013, 4:29pm says:

It's great to know the mod is nearing the release date... just one thing: looking at the screenshots I can't see Lucia anywhere, won't she be a part of the Necropolis exploration?

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KnightofEquulei Mar 12 2013, 4:42pm replied:

She will be (as that's the only character you'll be playing in EoTN) but I just wanted to show-case one of the knights who went into there.

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wombaciur Mar 13 2013, 2:02am says:

Does that mean there will be cutscenes? If yes, can you make them skipable? I'm all for dramatic expositions but sometimes such a scenes take too much time and a problem with NWN is - if you leave the game's window, the game automatically pauses so you can't do anything in the meantime.

I remember the dance cutscene at the mayor's ball in ADwR - God, what a time waster it was!

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KnightofEquulei Mar 13 2013, 2:39pm replied:

There aren't any cutscenes. I've simply used the article and images on here to show this knight going in. You'll likely encounter him when exploring the necropolis. Dead or alive? What seems more likely?

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Chaos_himself Mar 13 2013, 4:05pm replied:

I don't know..... He could also be undead.... does undead count as dead or as alive?

+3 votes     reply to comment
wombaciur Mar 13 2013, 6:13pm replied:

it counts as too alive to be really dead ;)

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