Celeritas Eos is an open world dark fantasy horror survival role playing mod for Neverwinter Nights.

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Another update for this low fantasy-mature-horror-survival-RPG series for Neverwinter Nights. This update discusses the factions in the mod, some more of the companions, one of the quests, and gives more details about NPC's and how they interact with the player.

Posted by KnightofEquulei on Nov 3rd, 2012

This is the seventh news report for Celeritas Eos Equilibrium of The Night which, for those of you are still unacquainted with the mod, is an open world survival-horror-action-RPG. In this report we will be discussing some of the companions you will encounter in the mod and what their background is along with other details you need to know about them. Factions that the player can join will also be discussed as will the background around them. One of my journeys through a quest will be discussed and finally NPC interaction will be discussed. The competition where you can design your very own quest is still open and several entries have already been submitted so now is as good as time as any to take part, especially since the competition ends by the end of this week where all the entries will be listed with the top submitted announced. Now onto the report where more companions will be introduced first:



"The one that prepares is mightier than the strong. Those who delight in bloodshed and battle clearly haven't experienced the joy of winning a fight before it even has a chance to begin. Better yet if a fight can be avoided entirely for it is folly to fight when it is unnecessary."


Rafael is a freelance thief who operates within Avue. Ever since he was a child, Rafael has been stealing from people and pick-pocketing; it was only when he was older, and therefore more aware of what was right and wrong, that he started to target only the rich. Unlike other thieves, Rafael is opposed to violence and only believes in using it when necessary. He also believes that if a fight can be avoided then it should be, unless there's a really good reason for a fight or a battle to the death to take place. Many will naturally misjudge Rafael when they learn that he is a thief, confusing him with a thug and law-breaker... and while it may be true that Rafael breaks the law when stealing from the rich, he is thug. Rafael will actually stand up against any injustice and evil that he sees and, in fact, actually believes that he's performing a good service by stealing from the selfish and greedy rich.

Harvesting a fond love for poetry and other arts, Rafael enjoys his solitude. If he wants to disappear from Avue, he can do so in an instant. The shadows are Rafael's home, and for years the city guard and others that have tried to find him have always been unsuccessful. No one knows the secrets of Avue like Rafael does... but those secrets weren't all discovered just by Rafael exploring its shadier places. He does, in fact, have a rather dark past that he is trying to hide from...

Cynical of others, Rafael enjoys his own company and is hesitant to forge intimate friendships. He has some faith in God that keeps him going through the sombre world, although he also does believe that the churches are just as corrupt as the rich. He not hesitate to steal their gold plated cups and bowls should he ever need to.

Rafael is a romance option for Lucia.




Little is known about Valerius. What little that is know about him, though, is that he's a suicidal and mentally ill fallen knight who was to be sectioned to Bedlam asylum before escaping from those that would have sent him there. For years Valerius wandered across Eridanus. At times he didn't sleep, drink, or eat, and he would rush into battle and emerge victorious against seemingly impossible odds. Valerius is prone to outbursts of anger and occasionally tries to commit direct suicide by either cutting or trying to hang himself. He has survived these ordeals due to the healing of others who find him, and at other times he heals himself... only to try and commit suicide later on.

Valerius has low tolerance for anything that goes against his world-view, and is one of the few companions who might downright kill or attack an NPC during conversation. However, despite being quite raving mad, he still has a rather acute sense of duty and seems to know right from wrong, even if his extreme actions can lead to trouble with the law. Valerius is incredibly strong, fast, and determined, and has strong mental resistance to mind altering magic due to his insanity... still, one would need to consider whether to bring him along on the journey, for he is also quite unpredictable...


In Equilibrium of The Night there are several factions that the player can join. Each faction offers their own benefits, quests and skills for the player to learn. The player can never join all factions in one play-through, the current factions are these:

  • Vampire Hunter Order
  • Eos Vampire Clan
  • Opal Pearls Prostitutes
  • Knights of Avue

A prostitute cannot join the knights of Avue. A vampire cannot join the vampire order. (They will, in fact, hunt and attack you on sight.) A vampire cannot become a prostitute. Breaking the rules of factions will lead to you being kicked out from them with the benefits of being part of a faction removed.

Another note about a vampire character is that they'll find it hard to enter the city of Avue since the knights there examine everyone who enters, further more, a vampire character will be hunted by the vampire hunters. The plus sides of being a vampire is that you gain access to unique skills and abilities.

Each of the factions have their own stories and side quests. The main story with each faction also ties up with the main plot in some way, although it should be noted that joining any faction is completely optional.

NPC's and how they interact with the player:

NPC's have their own view of the player. Their view is based upon your reputation, class, statistics, and traits. High charisma for example will lead NPC's to perceive Lucia as being beautiful and well groomed, whereas low charisma will mean that they see Lucia as a dirty peasant who isn't well groomed; some NPC's might even see a character with low charisma as being a thug or ruffian. Your expertise in class also determines how some NPC's view you: practice sorcery and there will NPC's who note this. (Some even blame magic for the evil that has arisen from Castle Lox Avue.) Become a competent barbarian and there will be those who note how strong you look for a woman.

However, it's your reputation and traits that play the major role and determine whether a character will be open to talking to you. Noble characters will typically dislike you and may downright refuse to talk to you if you're a prostitute, and have the mannerisms of one. They may even mock you if you've a reputation for being generous to the poor.

On the other hand, having a reputation for being generous may invoke similar kindness from NPC's who might all offer you some aid in some way. Become known as a savior of a village and this news will spread among travelers... and, of course, the villagers themselves will know of your deeds; the tavern will even offer you free drinks. Become known as a scourge, however, and there will be those that will actively seek to kill you, and still others who will attack you in conversation upon learning who you are. Being the opposite - a hero - will get you the praise and admiration of the masses, but will make you untrustworthy among shady characters, shutting out several quests relating to them. A hero wouldn't be able to work undercover for the city guard, for example, or directly approach shady characters for business.

One of my journeys through a quest:

In one quest I was asked to save some women from a temple. The entrance into said temple, of course, was locked, and there was a priest standing out front who had the key to the locked door. There are, naturally, several ways to get the key off of him; I chose to threaten the priest, although I actually had no intention of harming him...

Before the priest had a chance to reply, Melantha killed him.

This angered me and I told Melantha that I no longer wanted anything to do with her. Afterwards I decided to kill her.

Had I applauded Melantha for her work while Elisha and/or Ariel were in the party, then they would have left; both of them hate Melantha and disagree with her views and actions. Likewise, had I killed the priest myself with them in the party, they would have left too. This is just one of many situations where they would do so if I were to kill someone in cold blood, or simply became too evil for them to want to be associated with me.

As we progressed into the temple we encountered some cultists who made quick work of us...

I died, frankly, because of poor party management and minimal preparation.

Let that be a warning to you all: the encounters in this mod require strategic and tactical planning. Rushing in will, in fact, get you killed.

What would you like to see in the next article? (i.e what would you like to know?)

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wombaciur Nov 3 2012, 4:05am says:

I'd like to know how diseases, level drains etc. are handled. Considering there will probably be a lot of fighting vs zombies, vampires, perhaps mummies, will it be easy to get back to full health?

Also, are the rest areas restricted? What I don't like in NWN is after a hard fight when you are nearly dying, you just press rest in a dungeon and voila! - back to full health in 5 seconds.

Another question - why the BG interface on some screenshots? It has nice icons but its usability comparing to NWN leaves a lot to be desired.

+2 votes     reply to comment
KnightofEquulei Author
KnightofEquulei Nov 3 2012, 9:22am replied:

Well yes, diseases heal naturally as it is with NWN. If you're level drained then you'll need to speak to a healer.

Rest areas aren't restricted but the zombies freely roam the regions they are in and when you've fought them in that area more are attracted and come hunting you down so while you can rest in most cases there will be times where resting will prove futile when you have enemies approaching you. Encounters are pretty much challenging enough in any case and adding no rest would just make the mod too difficult and possibly annoying. Oh and companion deaths are permanent too.

I added the BG interface to give the mod a more unique feel. What you see is pretty much all that is different with the mod's interface and it is simple to use.

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