Celeritas Eos is an open world dark fantasy horror survival role playing mod for Neverwinter Nights.

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Celeritas Eos is a low fantasy-mature-horror-survival-RPG series for Neverwinter Nights.

Posted by KnightofEquulei on Sep 7th, 2012

Celeritas Eos is an open world dark fantasy horror survival role playing game set on a fictional world with a low fantasy setting. Intended to be a four part series, the series starts with Equilibrium of The Night where you will assume the role of a set protagonist although subsequent titles in the series after Equilibrium will feature your own custom character who can be imported into each adventure afterwards so that choices made in a previous module can be recognized. This article will introduce you to the first title in the series, Equilibrium of The Night:

What it's about:

Equilibrium of The Night takes place in the land of Eridanus and features a woman named Lucia who journeys to the land to stop an evil occurring with Castle Lox Avue. This evil is very powerful and is impacting the whole world by making zombies and other abominations arise all over the world prompting knights, warriors and even ordinary people to journey to Eridanus to help fight against the source of where all of the evil is coming from.

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Every NPC is highly detailed in Celeritas Eos and have various things to say.

Being a role-playing mod, the reasons for Lucia journeying to the land and the reasons for stopping the evil within the Castle are all up to the player to decide and there are many dialogue choices allowing you to set Lucia's goals and reasons.

There are plenty of dialogue choices to choose from. Some dialogue is unique meaning that you need to reach a certain requirement to be able to access it. Each dialogue choice in the conversation shown here leads to different dialogue and information being learned.

Asides from the main quest of entering the Castle and destroying the threat inside, the player will also be able to take on and complete many side quests, join a faction and arise through the ranks or just explore the massive open land of Eridanus doing whatever they want at their own leisure. The player can kill whomever they want, rob people, build a party of companions from many different walks of life, help travelers they come across, hunt undead or just explore ruins and caves seeking for treasure.

The land is massive and highly detailed and atmospheric.

The land features a day and night cycle and is constantly evolving based on the player's choices and how they progress through the adventure. Gain infamy and you may find people hunting you down across the land, certain areas may become more dangerous based on your choices and likewise, some areas can become safer (and even become under the protection of guards) based on your actions. Creatures freely roam the world and change over time and the weather system is random in many areas.

Explore the paths or explore the wilds which are more dangerous but likely to yield more treasure.

Knight's equipment is very expensive but very effective against zombies who find it hard to get past armor.


The gameplay is very diverse in Equilibrium. You are thrown into a massive world with very basic equipment and you must survive against the undead, wild animals and even against other humans and since you won't level up very high in this mod, you will need to develop tactics and purchase equipment to help you survive. Also building a party of loyal warriors with good abilities will further enhance your chances of survival but one can progress through the mod alone but this could lead to dangerous situations (even in dialogue because it's possible for the player to be hurt in dialogue). Potions are limited and the best equipment is very expensive. If you die, you must reload a save (unlike in Neverwinter Nights where you respawn) and if companions die, they can't be brought back to life (also unlike in Neverwinter Nights where companions could be resurrected).

Tactics are needed to defeat certain enemies.

Anger a companion and you may find yourself fighting them.

There are many grotesque creatures to fight (or run from) in Celeritas Eos.

Asides from how you need to be tactical and strategic in combat, dialogue and choices are very important in Equilibrium. Anger the wrong person in dialogue and they may just down-right attack you. Some dialogues can also lead to the player's death (and in two cases, rape and in another, being eaten alive) or lead to some other type of negative consequence befalling you. There is also a reputation system which can gain you allies and even enemies. Reputation also determines how NPC's react to you. If you have the reputation of being promiscuous then some people may be disgusted by you and certain characters may even refuse to talk to you. If you have the reputation of being kind-hearted, you will gain respect among similar individuals but may be dismissed by nobles who have their hearts hardened.

Companions often give you information about a certain area.

Choices made in the module have consequences. Some consequences are minor but others are massive and may even impact the world (for better or worst). For example one consequence of a choice that can be made leads to you being exiled from a city (and entering it leads to the knights attacking you). Another choice made leads to a group of guards going to protect a certain area making it safe in return for you and others.

Sexism does exist within Eridanus but isn't as bad as it was in medieval Europe.

You can also gain character traits which can help you out (or hinder you) in dialogue. Character traits can be gained from completing certain quest-lines or performing certain actions within them. For example one character trait might make you disturbed slightly due to what you experienced, this leads to certain NPC's being uneasy around you and also gives you access to unique dialogue.

The World, Views and General:

Equilibrium has a low-fantasy setting so there's no wizards jumping about and casting fireballs at each other. However there is some magic (potions and magical weapons being prime examples here) that you will encounter and one or two enemies might have access to some magical spells but most of what you will encountered will be related to what can be found within horror themes and pretty much every human character fight without the use of spells.

There are safe places in Eridanus.

There are three continents in the world. Eridanus is the continent that Equilibrium of The Night and subsequent titles take place on. The world (currently) is set in a time that can be compared to 16th century Europe.

There are two major religions that exist within Eridanus. Both are monotheistic with one worshiping the creator as God and the other worshiping the creator as The Goddess. There are numerous differences however and many different sects for these two religions. The official religious belief in Eridanus however is the worship of God and some people are campaigning for all other religions (including worship of The Goddess) to be outlawed. Although sages propose that the current religions in Eridanus are quite rather the same in their teachings of peace and love and for that reason none should be outlawed because they all lead to inner peace and connection to "The Great One" regardless of how this being is viewed. Some minor religions exist within Eridanus such as religions that teach about the ancient pagan gods (although this has been outlawed due to the violent rituals the worshiping requires) and several occult groups exist across Eridanus (although these are outlawed too due to their nature). The player can choose Lucia's religious belief and who she worships or if she doesn't believe (or has doubts) at all. The role-playing options here are deep. Lucia can be a believer but be anti-religious and against churches, likewise she could be an atheist but have a respect for religion and the church. It should be noted that companions each have their own religious beliefs.

Religion is discussed with Celeritas Eos and the player can also decide Lucia's religious beliefs.

Lucia is able to romance both sexes and her sexuality is entirely up for the player to decide. There are NPC's and companions which can be romanced and being a rather adult-themed module, there are some sexual themes that will be encountered and nudity also features. It should also be noted that themes of sexuality are explored. For example, homosexuality is outlawed in most places in Eridanus and thus if it's ever discovered that Lucia is having a same-sex relationship, people can respond negatively, even some companions.

In one city you will find criminals, shady characters and even prostitutes.

Lucia can become a vampire (along with some companions too) which leads to a new way of playing through the adventure and greatly impacts and changes the story. However (naturally) there are negative effects of becoming a vampire. For example you will get humans and vampire hunters trying to hunt you down and some humans will be able to see that you are a vampire and thus will either attack you on sight or will want nothing to do with you.

Angering certain characters may lead to them downright attacking you on the spot.

There are many companions in Equilibrium each with their own beliefs, morals, skills, abilities and reasons for helping you. You are able to create any party you can imagine. Want a group of psychotic blood thirsty warriors? You can make it. Want a group of pious religious warriors dedicated to hunting down evil? You've got it. A group composed of ordinary people seeking just to survive? You can make that too. Or you can be really fun and mix and match the companions up. Put a companion with a strong sense of justice into a group of companions who like murdering and a conflict is likely to follow (even betrayal). If you make a good companion set-up, you'll find your group getting along; some companions might even romance or befriend each other. Your party set-up is important because every companion has their own unique skills and benefits but also weaknesses so you'll need a party which complements each other so your effectiveness in battle isn't reduced.

There is no respawning in Celeritas. Once you're dead you must load a save.

Finally, Equilibrium allows you to do whatever the hell you want. Help people (see a begging child on the street? You can help him out if you have enough gold), explore the world, kill anyone you see (even children and main quest givers - which doesn't break the story because it can be completed in multiple ways even with every single NPC dead which you are unlikely to achieve anyway), search for loot, become a prostitute, become a vampire hunter, become a righteous knight or pretty much anything else you can imagine.

The legend that is Jdhihjisswiherefj. Join him, ignore him or attack him. The choice is yours.

Strategy is needed against many enemies you encounter in Celeritas Eos.

This is no quest but even so you get a conclusion by the choices you make.

What do you choose?
More information to come soon...

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