Casus Belli is a realistic multiplayer mod for Crysis Wars that is inspired from the Battlefield 2 game. It takes place the context of a third world war. You embody a soldier in many different surroundings, from the Afghan deserts to Ukrainian cities. Although Casus Belli is a First Person Shooter game, it involves some Role Playing games concept that make it unique. A new background: - More than 250 new assets (buildings, vehicles, objects, etc.) - Tens of new maps - Music composed by a professional composer and played by a true professional orchestra Half-way between Battlefield and Modern Warfare 2: - Crysis nanosuit removed - Advance and Secure game mode - Classes (assault, medic, recon, sniper etc.) - Squads (spawn on the group leader) Modern Weapons: - More than 20 new modern weapons (ak74, m4, hk416, g36c, etc.) - 8 new vehicles (Abrams, T90, Hummer, etc.) Total Immersion: - Advanced body awareness - Objects can be used to stabilize weapons

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Within this thirteenth update, you will get a first look at a new map called "The Dam" through a few screenshots, three new weapon renders from various origins and informations about upcoming beta tests.

Posted by FTS|Fabiolo on Aug 6th, 2011

Hi everybody. Within this thirteenth update, you will get a first look at a new map called "The Dam" through a few screenshots, three new weapon renders from various origins and informations about upcoming beta tests.

New map: The dam

After a few updates focusing on urban environment, Casus Belli's team has decided to introduce some changes with a more nature-oriented map. Located in a lush valley crossed by a river, Dam, as the name might not hint, offers large open areas, but also interest points calling for fierce gunfights, among which a powerplant, a small cottage and a sawmill. This last one has been freshly abandoned offering a tight fighting area where every square meter is critical. Creativity will be a major factor to own this key point: a smart use of the many improvised covers will be crucial to save your own life... Or lose it.
The village itself is a group of traditional cottages built from stones and slates. Controling this small residential area might enable decisive ambushes on the main road that goes trhough it.

One can also notice the map's steep profile, several bridges linking the two sides of the river, itself contained by a dam located at the extreme north of the area - All of these being chokepoints, allowing for deadly and close-up fighting with the control of the dam as the main objective.
Stay tuned for more upcoming info on this dam and the indoor areas mentioned above.

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New weapons

A bit of exoticism in this news with the presentation of three new weapons not yet famous but on the cutting edge of technology.

  • The Tavor TAR-21 joins Casus Belli's arsenal ; An Israeli assault rifle made to replace Tsahal's aging weaponry, the Tavor does however keep some technical similarities to Western equipment still in use among the Israeli Defence Force - Notably the NATO 5.56mm caliber. A light weapon, the TAR-21 is built around a Bullpup architecture, same as the FA-MAS or the FN P90, giving it a rather short size and excellent ergonomics without losing accuracy.
  • The next weapon to appear in this update is the more straightforward Pecheneg machinegun. It is basically a more advanced yet lighter version of the PK-M (Roughly translated as Kalashnikov modern machinegun) ; It uses the highly powerful, time-proven 7.62 x 54mm cartridge, already employed in Russian rifles of WW1 and 2 and shares the qualities of its older counterpart : Great stopping power, a rate of fire of 650 rpm and excellent cooling system. All these attributes make the Pecheneg a potent tool as a support or static defence weapon.
  • We'll end this update with the KRISS Vector, US-made SMG and a true work of art, technologically speaking. Praised in its country of origin, the Vector uses a complex recoil-absorbing system, greatly decreasing the knockback felt by the shooter. It is consequently a very accurate and easy-to-handle weapon especially considering it's a sub-machinegun. In addition of this, it uses the powerful .45 ACP cartridge, resulting in a weapon fitting nearly any sort of situation.
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Beta Tests

To finish this news, we are pleased to announce the upcoming opening of the beta tests. To this end, you will find below a form to register for these tests. Tickets are limited, so do not wait and click here:

That's it for today! The French Touch Studio is always open for new
talents. If you are interested, please make contact with us here. See you soon!

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RogerRamjet Aug 7 2011 says:

Superb work all round. Really looking forward to playing...

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Stealthrellik Aug 7 2011 replied:

you and me both, been lookin for something to replace Bf2, and as it seems atm, BF3 isnt going to be it... more like BFBC3

+3 votes     reply to comment
dsi1 Aug 8 2011 replied:

BC3 is going to fall flat on its face with all these Battlefield(not Bad Company)-like mods and games coming out.

+1 vote     reply to comment
commieturtle Aug 9 2011 replied:

Lol BF3 feels nothing like BC2

+1 vote     reply to comment
PytoX Aug 8 2011 says:


+2 votes     reply to comment
Revo1uzzer Aug 8 2011 says:

signed up ;)

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