New story, missions, scripts, cars, characters, music, possibilites, etc... Completely new story is situated into the modern european metropolis called Cantrell city. Thomas Angelo lives an ordinary life like a regular citizen, who have never, except some parking or speeding fines, offended the law. He lives at the De Bruckére district and works as a dispatch driver at the local post office. He's got a girlfriend and sometimes he goes out for a beer with his friends after the work. But one night, when he returns from a bar, he has become a witness of something, which nobody was allowed to see and his live has changed. In the darkness of backstreet, not far from his home, he encounters a few gangsters killing somebody and only by miracle, he escapes. His ordinary life ends here and now begins the fight for life, in which Tommy losts the most important things he ever had. But Tommy is resolved not to give up... DEMO VERISON IS OUT AND YOU CAN GET IT FROM MOD HOMESITE!

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