BLUE DAWN: Donbass Crisis is a mod created to show you guys both sides of the Donbass Conflict and maybe educate you guys in what is going on their.. The thing we want this mod to be focused on is realism and historical events. We researched our intel which we are using by reading loads of stories and articles of the war written by both sides. Also, we will not tolerate any political opinion posted on our forums or mods because this will be punished by a straight ban.

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In this progress update we would like to show you what we have been working on lately. With this we would like to keep you hyped, Blue Dawn is almost here..

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The Darkest Hour is Before Dawn.

In this Article we would like to showcase the work that has been done on BLUE DAWN recently.

First we would like to showcase the maps we have, We have been working on multiple

maps, some maps are based on realistic locations and others are projects of our own.

One of the Largest maps we have finished is Donetsk International Airport

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Here are a couple showcases of maps made for BLUE DAWN.

BeFunky Collage

The maps seen here are only 3 of 6 maps currently in Blue Dawn. These current maps are -

- _Welcome to Ukraine_ Avdiivka Outskirts winter_ Donetsk int. Airport_-

Welcome to Ukraine- is a open terrain with a centered village and a dense swamp,you are sure to lose a boot.

Avdiivka outskirts winter- is a frozen terrain with a defense,checkpoint and a factory area long abandoned.

Donetsk int. Airport- is based on the actual terrain, realistically made to put you in the middle of the conflict.



The structures we have are amazing, from warehouses to Air control towers we are producing our own content.

Assets and models that will be sure to make you smile and increase the type of scenarios you can create/play.

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Many structures are of high quality, some structures we have are still being retextured to a higher standard.

There are many many structures and assets in BLUE DAWN so get ready to let your creativity loose.


Guns Guns Guns! We are glad to inform you all on the amazing progress we are making on our Weapons.

Weapons are loud and powerful and we are displaying this with Realistic Sounds.

SOUNDS, FX, TEXTURES and MODELS are all new or improved.

20170725174411 120170725174316 1

Tracer rounds are being reworked to a more realistic effect,also sounds have been reworked.

We finished the notorious RPG-7 and it is sexier than ever, with the new DSHK and NSV you can strike enemy behind many types of light cover.Also personal textures for weapons are being reworked to a higher quality.


DA DAA DAAA DA DAA!! We have amazing new sounds!Vehicles,footsteps,environmentals,voices,weapons,

we have great sound effects and sounds for all. Realism is our goal and we are reaching it!

We have amazing voices in mod that increase the aspect of realism in combat.

Here is a preview of one of the many AK sounds we have,we hope you enjoy as this is not our highest quality sounds, for we are now adding these.

Here is a link to one of our AK sounds.


Yes! We have new and improved animations, from sitting and talking to checking the charging handle on a rifle, Human entities now are ALIVE like never before. Let these little men socialize!!!

20170725161111 120170725161247 120170725161533 120170725161536 120170725161215 120170725161434 120170725161549 1

So now instead of every little soldier being a cigarette smoker with a few animations, now every human entity has a large list of animations to choose from. Even the animation of tightening the laces on there boots.


The amount of textures within BLUE DAWN are fucking insane...We have multiple textures for almost every piece of equipment and asset that "we" feel need more than one texture option.From helmets to weapons, to vehicles to buildings we bring you fine tuned realistic looking textures.

tumblr n7xziwqv9o1rvhbxso1 1280 11c75183d16fe503d4fbe082a140b4ee7 114678264340190

These textures are preview's of camouflage textures so you can get an insight on the quality of assets.


Custom randomization is a term we use for the way our assets function in game, one example of this is Skins.

Our human skins are chosen at random when you choose a human entity to place down, this means that if you put down the same soldier multiple times you should have multiple skins show up on the same soldier under their uniform, you can also change the uniform without affecting the skin in anyway. Truly Customizable.


Effects are being revisioned and worked on at this moment,we are changing alot and improving most featured effects we have custom effects that we are using with our own coding.(this is nuts)

FX such as dust trails, smoke trails, light trails, new smoke, new lights,muzzle flash, tracer rounds and many more Effects are being put in the mod as i type.

optical flare 152 by mcflutterh

Tracer round effect


We have added many decals and paint textures for more diversity in terrain options and for better detail,These additions will allow us and you to create more possibilities when it comes to map designing.

Our maps feature these additions, allowing us to detail our maps a bit more than others out there.

Main Features:

  • Reworked Supply System: We've added a new supply system so that it is actually vital to go resupply your units before they run out of ammy and fuel.
  • New Hitbox System: This system makes the place you hit on the body actually matter.
  • Reworked Body Armor System: Makes the usage of Body Armor important because it can save the soldiers life in critical moments.
  • Realistic Tanks: Controlling tanks will actually feel like they do in real life.
  • New Helicopter System: Your Helicopter will hover now like it is done in real life so they will be a real threat to ground forces.
  • Reworked Health System: Your soldier won't regenerate anymore like a terminator and bandages won't help a lot so it is actually vital to take good care of your soldiers and bring them to Medical HQ's before you get them killed.
  • Reworked Recoil/Accuracy System: This system will make your weapons feel like they have realistic recoil and make weapons feel much more immersive..
  • Reworked Weight System: Weight is now a real important factor because weight slows your units down by a lot and this might get your soldiers get killed if it is not properly handled.
  • Reworked Armor System: This system will make armor react differently to various kind of shells.
  • New Mortar System: Soldiers will now actually take cover when they hear a mortar flying in.
  • Random Texture System: With this system faces will be randomized to give you an immersive feeling to the game.
  • Reworked Weapon System: All weapons have been reworked so they have their real life fire rate, muzzle velocity and weight.
  • New Armies/Forces: We've added the Ukrainian Military and the United Armed Forces of Novorossiya to the game.
  • New Death Cries and Sounds: We've added sounds to the game that will make explosions and people dying sound much more realistic and scary.


We truly appreciate all of the support and suggestions received and hope that soon, VERY SOON we will be able to share this amazing experience with the community and the world.

It has been a wild ride and we are nowhere near bored, we actually hope for more wildness. lol


wants to thank you all and remind you that you can achieve anything if you put effort and thought into it.

Sincerely Milehighkush.

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if anyone create a map and it is Well done can be include on the mod or just publishied here for gameplay , or what?

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Milehighkush Author

@ElFrancis Map submission: If you are looking to submit a map to Blue Dawn contact us at our Discord Thank you much.

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Виглядає цікаво!

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Михаїл Creator


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So will you be objective? Or present molo-russians as some kind of subhumans? If the latter, nobody will play this ****. Be realistic. If so, very curious for this mod.

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Yea, the same "subhumans" who ****** Hitler in the ***

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Михаїл Creator

Actually we developers have both different visions on the crisis. I actually support the Seperatists in their crusade for freedom and my friend supports Ukraine. Our objective is to give you guys an accurate picture of the war on BOTH sides. It's is not a one side story because there are ALWAYS 2 sides of the story.

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Milehighkush Author

Well said my friend. There is always two sides of the story.

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I can't believe this. How is such collaboration even possible?

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Михаїл Creator

If you listen to other people and try to understand their opinion and accept their opinion then such collaboration is possible.

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Wow, you guys may be the most mature people I've ever come across on the internet

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Михаїл Creator

Haha thank you my friend.

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Milehighkush Author

Ha lol Thank you much.

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That's my point. You should portray them objectivelly - which is what they are going to do. Kudos!

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Can't wait for mod, all of the older modern war mods are good but they all have their quirks and are mostly unstable. Good luck with the progress.

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Михаїл Creator

Thank you and I agree.

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