This TC based on Blade1 movie.Thats why story line copy Blade1 story line. ---Blade Features: -new weapons bladegun from Blade1 Blade beretta from Blade2 HKusp Match from Blade2 new coltcommando from Blade2 pumpshotgun from Blade1 sadew shotgun from Blade3 sword from Blade trilogy flying stakes from Blade trilogy -sword and kung-fu fighting system - new character models: 3 Blade models Karen Frost Quin Whistler Vampires -new hud -new music(from Blade OST) new sounds -new skins -more than 6 big levels -new animations new melee atack new thowing molotov animation We are sorry, but we can't finish thic TC in the way we wanted, but all that we done for it you will see in . So don't be upset, Blade is alive and kicking :D

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